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I just bought a Compaq Evo N115V notebook and it comes with a athlon 1400XP mobile CPU. I would like to know if I can Upgrade the CPU by just changing it since this model of notebook came with up to an XP2000 CPU. Does the motherboard accept the upgrade? Would it be just a matter of changing the CPU? Does it work like in a DeskTop computer?
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  1. If a 2000 was offered with it it should work in it. It "should" just be a matter of swapping the CPU. You will likely forefit some battery life but if you need the speed it will be worth it. Make sure you get a Mobile athlon XP though. A desktop proc might work in it but it will murder the battery.

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  2. Is there some place where you can buy a mobile Athlon XP proccerssor that you know of?
  3. Lots of major online retailers like sell mobile cpus. The challenge will be to find a 2000+ :) I haven't seen below a 2200+ or 2400+ in stores for a while. They go upto a 3000+. It couldn't hurt anything but your wallet to try a slightly higher cpu, there is no telling if it will support it or not though.

    I'm sure someone is selling one somewhere. It will require some google searching to find it though :) Just do a Froogle search for an athlon xp 2000+ mobile. It should give you something.

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  4. I really don't remember quite well how does the AMD processor work. Is it like an Intel, (1800 mhz= 18x100). This is to know if it would support a bigger processor. Since in a laptop I can't change any of the parameters like in a desktop computer. If it suports a 1400+ and the same laptop model had also a 2000+ could it be possible that it works also with a 2200+ or a 2400+ or is the 2000+ the max? Can the motherboard have the multiplier locked? Is there some way to know this before one goes and buys a cpu that can be useless? All this CPU's have a FSB at 266 so the motherboard has to support the higher multiplier correct?
  5. AMD proc models according to amd are based off the performance gain over previous models or something like that. It is obvious though that they choose a number that shows its intel equivilent. Like an athlon xp 1800+ (1.53ghz) is equivilent to a 1.8ghz pentium proc.

    I did some looking around and I think I found the major problem you will face. The 2000+ still has a thoroughbred A core while the 2200+ and above have a barton core. That motherboard probably wouldn't know what to do with a barton core proccessor. The 2000+ and 2200+ actually have the same clockspeed anyway, 1.67ghz.

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