Is threre clean Install option in Windows 8 Pro?

hi guys

I've just pre ordered Windows 8 Pro from amazon,

and want to know is there a clean install option in this version, or I must upgrade my current installed version of windows? as I would like to format my SSD and start fresh .

or it have to be a full retail or system builder copy to get the clean install

I already have windows 7 installed, and as stated above I want to format my SSD and start fresh.
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  1. I do not know for certain, but previously, every upgrade copy of windows has included a dvd which was capable of a clean install.
    A bootable dvd is necessary to provide recovery and repair capabilities.

    Is there some feature of windows 8 that you find compelling?
  2. As I understand it, yes. When you boot from the Windows 8 disk it should see the Windows 7 key installed on the disk before it is formatted and the Win 8 key should activate.
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    DO THIS FIRST, for two reasons:
    1) Not positive the have retained vista/win 7 method for doing a clean install using Upgrad Disk, and will only cost you about 25 minutes of time if it does NOT work.
    2) Best way to go back to win 7, or to create a daul boot win7/win8.

    Go to Control panel, select back up, then select create an image of your system drive. select your HDD to put the image on. When done you will be prompted to create a Restore disk. You can use you windows 7 disk to do the restore so I normally skip.
    To clean the drive, pop in your win 7 disk, select custom instal. on page that ask where to install, select advance and DELET ALL partitions. BOMB out of install, Insert win8 disk and reboot. Read below on steps.

    Read this on how to use upgrade to do a clean install. It is for windows 7 upgrade disk and should work if MS did NOT delete this ability.

    How to:,0

    I prefer the method on page 2.

    PS, If you do not like win 8, you can very quickly go back to win 7. Just pop in the Win 7 install disk, select repair, then repaire using iage. select the iage on the HDD. 10->15 min later reboot and you will be RIGHT back to where you were when you created the image.
    If you want to play it save, just restore this image to another Drive. During post, Kit the key that brings up the boot menu, select that drive to boot to and you will be back in wiondows 7, reboot and your back in windows 8. My gigabyte MB is F12, my Asrock MB it is F11.
  4. Thanks for replaying guys I really appreciate it

    actually the quick boot time and the snappiness of windows 8 is the most compelling features to me, that and the fact that amazon had a promotion, when you pre order Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Pro pack you will get 30$ promotion, pay 69.99$ and get 30$ promo, which make it like I bought it for 40$, it's the same price as microsoft offer but in physical form not download which is better I think,

    also I'm going to by Acer T232HL Touchscreen monitor, so I'm good to go
  5. RetiredChief I'll go by your advice, thank you very much.
  6. ENJOY
    And even if Win 8 "floats your boat and you like it, kept that image file around for awhile becayse as I indicated it can be used to create a daul boot system and it is ONE HECK of alot easier than reinstalling Win 7, waiting for win 7 updates to finish, then reloading drivers and programs.
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  8. to be perfectly honest, it doesn't floats my boat, it's just so cheap and boots very quickly, also if there was no start menu hack, I wouldn't even think about trying it ;).
  9. help me out here please - I just finished building a new gaming rig; O/C'd, super vid card, big RAM, etc - to test it out I installed my legitimate, licensed copy of win 7 ultimate 64 bit - I had originally intended to wait until 10/26 for win 8 but I needed to test the rig, get it O/C'd, etc so i figured install my copy of win 7 and with the 30 days that i had for activation just bide my time until win 8 came out. Now, i'm confused as to whether or not I can even install win 8 onto it. I would think that I wouldn't be able to upgrade because my copy of win 7 is not activated, correct? if so, is win 8 pro able to be installed as a brand new clean install? I haven't installed anything on my new build other than a few O/C tools so a clean install is no big deal but isn't OEM software required for a self built PC? and is that out this friday or in January? also, conflicting information from Microsoft; i plan on buying the win 8 upgrade for my other gaming PC that is activated but was told all programs will need to be reinstalled? I have wayyyy too many programs installed to do that :|
  10. I chose the upgrade path and it turned out a lot better than the old Vista/7 upgrade. I have also, prior to this, done a clean install on the same system. I cannot honestly tell if there is a difference in performance between upgrade and fresh install. Microsoft has surely cleaned up their upgrade choice, finally.
  11. but my point is that the new PC is built is not registered - since the OS I installed is already in use on my other gaming PC. Obviously I could buy another license for the new PC then upgrade but my thought was why do that if I could just buy a licensed version of win 8 but not sure if the versions released on Friday will allow me to do a full, new install. It's no biggie if I do a new install as there's nothing on that new PC but if I can buy a "full" install version and then perhaps do an upgrade with that, or a new install, whatever; that's all I'm wondering.
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