WTB 6870

Title says it all :)

Need it shipped to 14225, or will pick up if local (of if in 14424 area; I'm there a lot).

Any offers?

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  1. I have a XFX ZHDC (6870) returning from RMA if you want it for $130. I'll make sure it works and have all the accessories and original box as well.
  2. How about a 5870? It's faster than the 6870 overall.
  3. Cygnus x-1 said:
    How about a 5870? It's faster than the 6870 overall.

    Hmm, that thing is long. I'll have to open up my case and get the ruler out.

    How much?
  4. I know 160 is a bit high, but It has a Zalman 3000a cooler installed on it, and I know I can get about that much on Ebay. The card with the Zalman on it takes up 3 slots because of the width of the heatsink, so keep that in mind.
  5. That XFX 6870 sounds pretty nice as well ;) lol all yours for the low price of $130
  6. Well.... Looks like I did it again :( Got my weeks screwed up by mis-marking my calendar. Just had a mortgage payment come out so it looks like no video card this week

    Soarixay - I'll get in touch when I have a bit of cash to see if you have that card. Maybe a week or two.
  7. No problem emesis, I'll have it available around Thursday and once it's back I'll be testing it for a week to ensure everything is proper before I sell it. I'll definitely have it up here cause Ebay taxes too much so be on the look out.
  8. No prob. If you sell it before I get back to you, no big loss. I always see good deals here in the classifieds :)
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