Best mobo replacement w/ kt133a chipset or better?

Hey all,

I have the following setup:

Motherboard: MSI KT7 Pro2-A with VIA kt133a chipset
Processor: AMD Thunderbird 800mhz

Motherboard is dead. (Voltage regulator) I want to just replace my old motherboard with a good substitute and continue to use old parts.

Must support: SD PC133 ram, Ultra DMA133, under $50 (I don't care if it's OEM), and don't really care if it's the same chipset.
Any suggestions on another board?

Thanks to everyone for your knowledge and expert advice.
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  1. Go for MSI KT2 Combo

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  2. Don't know enough about it to recommend it just saw it recently it mentioned recently so I'll pass it on.

    ASRock K7-VM2, VIA KM266 chipset (derivative of KT266A)

    - Both SDRAM and DDR (not at the same time)
    - USB 2.0
    - LAN
    - builtin video (ProSavage8 - yuck!) but has an AGP port
    - ATA133
    - MicroATX (don't know if that's a plus or minus for you).

    $50 + $6 shipping at

    The ECS K7S5A PRO is also worth mentioning (again no experience here). SIS 735 chipset.

    - SDRAM & DDR (also not at the same time)
    - USB 2.0
    - LAN
    - ATA100
    - Full ATX (well, 5 PCI slots).

    $47 + free shipping at

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