Can't get internet to work on MSI 865PE-Neo2LS

Somehow I can't get my internet to work on 865PE-Neo2LS.

I'm using on board lan. I installed the driver that came with the MSI drivers disk. Under the hardware manager the lan chip seems to be working fine.

I even flashed my bios but it doesn't seem to help at all.

Has anyone had any problem with the on board lan from MSI 865PE-Neo2LS?

P.S: I have cable connection.
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  1. you could also try asking in the <A HREF="" target="_new">MSI forum</A>. They are pretty good over there too.

    Intel P4 2.4B
    MSI 645E Max-U Mobo
    512MB DDR333
    GF3 ti200 64MB
    SB Live 5.1
    WD 60GB
    Quantum 6GB
    LG24x24x32 CDR
    WIN2K Pro.
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