4890 vs. Need for speed Shift

Should my 3D Club 4890HD be able to play NFS Shift on full graphics?

My PC seems to struggle when there are other vehicles visible in the HUD of the vehicle.

Could it perhaps be another hardware issue?

My system for what it's worth;

AMD Atrhlon 64 4800+ AM2
2gig 667Mhz RAM
PCi-E 1.1 motherboard
650W Thermaltake power supply.
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  1. It's your CPU and the fact that 2 more GB's of ram wouldn't hurt... I play NFSS and it's a bit choppy for me as well.....
  2. bottleneck
  3. nachota1987 said:

    CPU Limitation. :P
  4. tnx for the feedback. appreciated!...will get it sorted! :)
  5. Shift uses PhysX. If You have Nvidia card You can run PhysX on GPU, with ATI card You must run PhysX on CPU and it puts too much load on CPU if You have dual core.

    I built budget PC for a friend not so long ago with E5300 @3.2GHz and HD4850 and was surprised to find out NFS Shift lagging. Swapped in my GTS 8800 and it was runnning fine. Tried his HD 4850 in my PC with Q6600 @3.2GHz and that was running fine as well because quad had the power to run PhysX on CPU.
  6. cpu limitation
    otherwise your 4890 would open a can of whoop ass on NFS shift
  7. Hi,

    I am using i3 (2.93GHz), 2 GB Corsair DDR3 Ram and Ati 5570 graphic cards, can I play NFS Shifts without having any problem?I am using standard PSU for your info..
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