Ps3 or gtx 260 core 216 + Bluray

Just wondering what the best value would be: upgrade my current PC (rather outdated), or simply buy a ps3 slim (or 360 elite). Also, what does game compat look like on both, AFAIK the PC has BY FAR the most games. My rig is:
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ OC: 2.2GHz
1GB DDR 400 RAM (dual channel)
Winfast NF4SK8AA mobo
PNY Verto 7600GS
WD 160GB SATA drive
500W Xion PSU
Note: I, like anyone, appreciate good graphics, but it is NOT a primary concern (well... within reason) Basically:
PC: Best game lineup, but outdated CPU/RAM/mobo, underpowered PSU (for gtx260)
PS3: Best features (IDK about ps3 exclusives), but games are more $$ than PC
360: Most popular (some good exclusives), everything is $$$
Any ideas? (BTW: my monitor has HDMI, but no TV)
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    your CPU would be a bottle neck for the GTX260 - so any major performance jump would be limited because the cpu wouldnt be able to keep up with the video card.

    Best value for money out of the box is the PS3 - but on the other hand the xbox has more games...

    either way the console for gaming would be a cheaper investment than upgrading your pc - you would need a new mobo / cpu / ram / video card to play the latest games at anything oyther than low settings
  2. PC is always better :D
    Better graphics, better multiplayer, and you get to be close to the screen with a mouse!

    I have a GTX 260 Black edition...Could pump out more graphics then the PS3 and 360 combined :P

    So my opinion...Upgrade your rig
  3. tru but for casual gaming ps3 all the way and eventually ppl will hack in pc games which sucks. id go for the ps3 unless ur a hardcore gamer then a pc, but to upgrade its gonna cost ya money
  4. if your going to upgrade your pc
    i recommend building a whole new pc,

    that Athlon 64 3200+ OC: 2.2GHz will be a serious bottleneck for a new gfx card
  5. The gtx 260 is overpowered for your system - look into a cheaper unite - like the new nvid 240 for example... Anything more on that old rig is money wasted.
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