Crysis crashing..Windows 7 or something else?

Hey Guys...
Every time i try to change a system setting in Crysis, such as graphics,keys..etc. Also even clicking on multiplayer it just crashes. Gives me the error "Crysis has stopped working and will now stop." I must restart my pc then try again. If it crashed because of changing a setting the setting is applies when i restart the pc. But for multiplayer i must restart the pc until finally it doesn't crash. It is so strange.

I have latest Nvidia drivers, and i even tried installing the latest Direct X drivers to see if that would help.

I also tried running it in compatibility mode...under vista sp2 which people say to try. Nothing fixes this strange problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
GTX 260 Black edition
4GB DDr2 800mghz
XFI fitality Xtreme Gamer edition
250 GB HDD
ASUS motherboard
And lots of case fans :D

Temp on the GPU is fine also, only around 45 C when the menu starts up.
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  1. I have similar problem,then I formatted Windows 7 installed XP and it all become much better [:alexj022] .
  2. Did you install the latest patches for Crysis?
  3. Yeah i have the latest patches.

    Alex, so you just reformated Windows 7? So basically reinstall it?
    I also have XP on the other Partition, but i want Crysis on Windows 7 for Direct X10.
  4. crysis really doesnt like being forced into aa by the nvidia driver, or any of the settings from the driver for that matter , the best bet is gonna be to find crysis on your games list on the nvidia control panel,set absolutely everything you can to "application controlled" and drop the texture resolution/draw distance.oh and theres still some big ol spikes im mem usage with motion blur enabled,but your spec seems more than adequate

    moral of this bloated post; put everything to minimum,with nothing forced by the driver,and build your way up.

    reinstalling an os to make a game work is kinda like levelling your house and rebuilding it cos the door wouldnt shut.
  5. and also , you can enable almost all the dx10 features in xp by modifying the config ,and downloading texture packs/lighting mods for it.there are plenty of tutorials online on how to do it for example
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