PC or PS3 need help deciding

I need help deciding what to buy, i have 450$ as my budget to build a pc I haven't built a PC since about 5 years. so my knowledge of parts (etc, whats the best to get) is outdated with light years.
So which way should I go ?
Pros for the PC : is starcraft 2 if i see it on shelves before 2020.
Pros for the PS3 : that its cheaper.
I don't really care for PS3 exclusives or PC's (except for SC2)
PS : I already got a case, monitor and PSU 650W...
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  1. something Athlon II-based with 4GB RAM, Radeon 5850 for the graphics card and you're away.

    What brand is the PSU? Power-wise it's more than enough to run what I suggested but I never trust generics or unknowns - the PSU is the most important part of the build.
  2. you're gonna need a pc to play sc2 regardless, it would be a massive waste to get a ps3.
  3. I would argue that the return on investment for a PS3 is really high, but if Starcraft 2 is your focal point, then it would be pointless to purchase a PS3, as there has been ZERO indication from blizzard that they might try port it to the consoles.

    There is no 5850 in your future for that budget, i'm afraid, but there are some pretty good rigs you can build with your available parts. I am assuming you have a Keyboard and a mouse as well, but will try leave 20-30 of the budget for those things incase you don't.

    MotherBoard: Asus 785g DDR3 - 69.99

    CPU: Athlon II 435 x3 - 89.99

    RAM: OCZ DDR3 1066 4gb - 72.99

    HDD: WD Caviar Blue 7200rpm 500gb - 55.99

    I always prefer to go with XFX, due to their most excellent double lifetime warranties, and pretty solid Customer Service. The bare minimum card I would put in for some sort of longevity, would be a 4770 512mb card, 114.99

    Or for entry level DX11, about the power of the robust 4850, but with the new lines advancements in power and efficiency, XFX 5750 - 144.99

    Or if DX11 isn't that important to you yet, and MOAR DX9/10 power is what you want, XFX 4870 1gb - 154.99

    What you will get is a range of build cost depending on the videocard, from $405 to $445, most of the parts have free shipping (for now).
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