P4P800 wont let me install WIN XP


I just bought a a P4P800 asus motherboard,
and formatted my HD so i could install win XP
but it wont go so here is what happens:
i let my pc boot from my dvd drive
then i press boot from cd go on with the
setup part it copies all the files to my HD
then it start to load windows for the first time
then when windows has loaded and it starts to
install it it stops with a strange error message:
about drivers not having the files they need.
So i need some help guys,

this is my system spec:P4 2.6 800MHz
2 x 256MB Corsair Twinx DUAL DDR 400
80 Gb seriar-ATA HD Maxtor
Pioneer DVD-burner
Club 3D 9600Pro ATI Radeon

Help me guys :-(
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  1. This is just a guess but are you using RAID or have RAID enabled in the bios. If you are then you need the raid drivers copied to a floppy and ready when windows asks. Or disable all RAID funtions. Only thing I could think of. Maybe someone else has a better answer.

    P4 2.4c @ 3.0 ASUS P4P800 dx Geil Golden Dragon PC4000 2.5,3,3,6 250FSB 1:1 Radeon 9800 non-pro 2 Maxtor 60gig 7200rpm 8mb cach in raid 0 SB Audigy 2 Antec True 480
  2. Time to get rid of XP and buy 2000 Pro.
  3. I had problems getting XP Pro installed when I built my system. I too am using the P4P800 Deluxe motherboard. What finally got it to work for me was to take out one of the sticks of RAM (HyperX). I don't know if it was a problem with the Dual DDR or what, but it worked. After I installed XP, I put the stick back in and the system was VERY unstable using the automatic SPD memory timing. Kingston suggested I turn off SPD in BIOS and set the memory timings manually according to their recommendations. I did this and now my system is pretty much rock solid. You might give Corsair a call and see what they say.
  4. you need to find the Serial ATA drivers on the CD, put them on a disk, and hit F6 when XP begins its install. It will say "hit F6 to specify any mass storage adapters" or something along those lines. Then, when the time is right, it will ask for a floppy disk with drivers. Hope that helps, no time to o into more detail, maybe someone else can continue where i left off.
  5. you can try to disable the RAID funtions in the BIOS
    or try to use an IDE HD
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