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How about Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare? Is it better than its previous versions? Is the graphics are very good enough to compete with Uncharted 2?
I had played Call of Duty 1,2,4 and 5 and find them very good 1st person shotter game .Is the story is good as it was in earlier versions.
till now i do not played COD 6 only see its pics and videos.
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  1. Check google for MW2 reviews
  2. It is good but way too short in single player story mode.
    It is more for online multiplayer game. I am glad I did not buy it. Played on friends PC couple of evenings, really liked it , wanted to buy it and then suddenly I got to the end , thought it is some kind of mistake,- no really the end. I do not play multiplayer online so looks like poor value for me. £50 for 5-6 hours of play, £10/h, hell I am not even getting that much paid at work.
  3. Single player is pretty cool. Short as said above. Multiplayer is funner i would say than 4 since there is alot more stuff you can do. Negative side of it is that there is no dedicated servers and the IWnet sucks major balls. Fun to play with friends tho when IWnet doesnt freak out and drop people at will. Spec Ops mode is also very very fun to play with friends.

    I like it but i miss the dedicated servers.... OoooOOOooO one other thing Hacking is like 10 times worse than it was on COD4 and 5. about 1 out of 10 games i join has a hacker on it. VAC fail once more.
  4. Hey,Is the single player mode is too short then what Activision made in 11 gb is it all about multi player then this game is not 4 me b'coz my internet speed is too slow so it is almost impossible 4 me to play multi player mode.I think it sucks 4 the slow internet speed user's.
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