Crysis demo will not uninstall?


First time on a forum like this since I usually fix my problems myself, and everyone's around me! Whoever mite be up for this, its a good one.

I see on many forums people having trouble with Crysis in one way or another, usually graphically or performance related, but...I genuinely downloaded the Crysis demo from the official website 2days ago, and of course I am yet to play it (My quadcore could handle it on medium but nothing to do with that), so it maynot have installed correctly to start with which maybe a problem, but through the Crysis icon "double click"/Modify/repair/uninstall etc nearly the same code comes up, even in control panel, the main notice I would get is -

Error 1321.The Installer has insufficient privileges to modify(also tried repair & uninstall so chance modify with ether other two) the file C:\ProgramFiles\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis SP Demo\Game\Sounds.pak. ???

I have also done things like temporarely disable UAC to get security privledges' aswell with no success, this demo wants to stay on my HDD for ever it seems...Worst case senario is to move my games and course work to other HDD through IDE data transfer and reformat this machine, NNoooo. Vista is finding ever more ways to reck my days lol.
Any Idea's peoples' thank you very much in advance if you answer...:D
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  1. What about deleting the folder and using regedit to delete it from the registry?
  2. Heah ya.

    Emm I'll try some different ways to do that now in my program files, then this eh "regedit", is it some kind of more powerful version of windows uninstall then? (Obviously targets the registry files then) I'll grab it and use it, and get back to ya in a little bit mousemonkey. No havn't tried that yet, its worth a good shot.
  3. Regedit is part of windows not a standalone program, Run > regedit. Use at own risk!
  4. lol, no problem, see it, but I'm running into wall after wall here on ten senario's, lotta stuff I didnt want on this machine which will take all weekend to clean, so its a reformat for me starting next few hours, just need to get my drivers and printer software, modem software, anti-virus all togather and start this, I think "brother" has been on to many torrent sites here as well from what I can see, a mess...

    I'll start this and let you know way lata today how it went, and if Crysis is still there after all this I will laugh then have a nervous TTUL'a thank-you 2!...
  5. Good luck mate, I hope it works out for you.:)
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