What happen when you put a ps3 game in a computer

hey im wonderring what happend when you put ps3 cd (game) into a computer isthere a file coming up or nothing is happening.

does anybody had try this, if yes them answer mw .

Thank you.
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  1. if you dont have a blu-ray drive, nothing will happen.

    if its anything like the xbox disks, it will have a video file that will play when put into a pc saying you need to insert it into a ps3. but only if your pc reads blu-rays.
  2. a great deal of not much will happen , possibly explore may work, to see whatever file name/names,but it is a completely different language,set for one hardware setup,theoretically,an emulator or virtual environment could do it , but due to the translation layer , and on the fly translation,it would be painfully slow,on a core i7 with quad sli.
  3. Nothing would happen - why would you think anything different? A PS3 is not a PC.
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