WTB.. Core 2 Duo Intel T7400 cpu or T7600

I just picked up a super nice, super clean T60 ThinkPad from a local IT professional.. not a store. He purchased it new directly from Lenovo and spec'd it to T60p specification.. Sans the fingerprint reader .. it's loaded. The T60p model was certified as a workstation.

Though it's loaded with options.. he skimped a little on the cpu.. it's a T2300 .. 1.66 regular core duo.. not Core 2 Duo. only 2mb on cache.

My board will accept a T7400 2.16ghz 4mCache 667mhz or the t7600 2.33ghz also at 667mhz

The T7400 or T7600 will pop right in my board.. this is as far as im prepared to go..

My board is an "M" socket

Officially a socket 479 mpga

Id prefer a used processor .. trying to keep cost down. The t7400 is fairly plentiful ... Dell put out quite a few of them in the D620 and D820 models. .. hoping to find one out of a Dell or IBM.

Im in the Dallas area .. let me know if you've got one .. im really proud of my little T60 but Im anxious to give it a little more zing. Thanks ...
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  1. Though Im new here Im not new to buying/selling online .. I have a 100% rating on Ebay as both buyer and seller over the past 6 years.
  2. OK... ummm .. so I thought you guys were going to have mad used parts skills and that a simple request would have you opening your secret war chest of cpu goodness.. ha ha. I figured you'd be rubbing your hands together like Montgomery Burns as you peered down upon your, neatly arranged in rows, cpus that you'd scavenged from Frat boys who kicked their laptops off the bed and came to you for help. Locked in your James Bond style briefcases of course.. but.. not even one cpu horder lifted a sweet 2.16 or 2.33 from his stash ... Ooooooooh ! Oooooooh! woe is me! .... or perhaps I should update...

    Woe was me.... I just scored a 2.16 T7400 for $26 !!! Yes !!...

    Please do not fail me next time my geeky nerdy friends.. this episode has left me somewhat amiss. he he.
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