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i have an a7v266 motherboard. my asus probe program is giving a reading of 13.69 volts and is sounding alarm. I replaced the power supply today and am getting the same reading. Could this be a motherboard problem? Is there anything i can do to fix this?
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  1. Firstly get rid of Asus Probe.
    Secondly get Motherboard Monitor for something more reliable.
    Thirdly if the voltages are still wrong, reboot and check them in the bios.
    Finally if the bios also reports them wrong, then yes, the voltage regulation on your motherboard may be bad.

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  2. The ass-us probe is seldom accurate.Check in the bios, if it says the same thing, use a dc voltmeter on one of the spare ide power jacks. If this says the same, it's because the psu you are using is cheap crap that needs the extra voltage due to poor filtering. If it is around 12 volts on the meter, it means the internal meter on the board is wrong. I would rma the board because I want the metering to be right, but it isn't critical.
  3. Most 12v devices are made to optionally run off car batteries, which are 11.5-13.8v. So anything within that range doesn't worry me.

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