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Some of my first person shooter games have a problem when i move and turn at the same time. The whole image seems to bounce and shudder. Vsync does not help at all. I can be doing 60 fps at vsync or 100 fps with it off and it still happens. when i am walking straight in a line or strafing side to side there is 0 shudder but as soon as i move and move my mouse the whole image shakes. my system is a x2 4400 at 2.6, 8800gts, 4gb ram, 700w power supply, antec 300 and 1650 x 1080 monitor. i posted a video about the problem but you can barely see it. its about twice as bad in real life. the games that do it are sometimes prey and its really bad in modern warfare, left 4 dead 1 and 2 as well as. strangely wofenstein and fear 2 do not do it at all. in unreal tournament turning on v sync completely eliminated the problem
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  1. turn off the AA and see if that helps.
  2. changing settings makes no difference at all. The only thing i find interesting is when i play with a controller there is no problem but when i use the mouse the shuddering starts. I just dont get how some games are perfect and some shudder so bad.
  3. Is your videocard the old 8800 GTS 320 mb? If so, it's plain and simple that it can't handle CoD4 or MW2 at that high of a resolution.

    Try CoD4 at thos resolution and see if it helps 1280 X 960.

    BTW what monitor are you using?
  4. its the 8800 gts g92 by evga.the monitor im using is a 22 inch asus monitor with 2ms and 60hz. changing resolution or any settings makes no difference. What i am finding is that if i do twice the refresh rate the shuddering goes away. So if i get 120 or more fps with v sync off im good but i cant get that in all my games. Could it be my mouse, im using a cheap dell mouse that came with my freinds computer.
  5. You say it doesn't happen when you use a controller? From what you've said, looks like it's something to do with the mouse. Try borrowing one from another computer and see if the same thing occurs. With any luck it won't, if it is a mouse related problem.
  6. Is the mouse ball or optical. Did you calibrate its properties? Maybe you can adjust it's speed?
  7. it could be the mouse but dont really have another one to try, it is a optical and i thing its 800 dpi but its really not that good.
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