my default user profiles arent working

did i do this right? i have to setup the default user for the whole school. i booted up after sysprep, joined the domain, rebooted with my "install" account and set everything up the way i needed it. then i ran the transfer files and settings wizard and copied it to a network share and did the reverse process on the computer that was having it copied to. then i logged on with my admin acct and copied the install folder to default user and assigned the "students" group to have rights to it. when a student logs on they dont see any of my settings.

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  1. For a default profile:
    Setup a profile exactly how you want it. Then reboot the computer and log into a different accout than the one you setup.
    Make sure Show Hidden files and folders is on then:
    Right click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced > User Profile Settings > Select the Profile that you setup > Click Copy To > Click Browse and Navigate to Documents and Settings > select Default User > Change the Permitted to use to Everyone > then Click ok.

    Now when any new person logs in they will get that profile. If you are using roaming profiles that profile will be coppied to the users server profile when they log off.
    Setting the permitted to use to Everyone just makes the Default Profile accessible to any new user who loggs in. When their profile is created it will have Domain Admin, Admin, (user) for security/permissions.

    Once you have the default profile setup then you can do the domain joining, sysprepping, taking image, ghosting image. I too work for a school district so I deal with this stuff on a regular basis.

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  2. damn, so you dont even use the settings transfer wizard etc? i was under the impression that was the new way to do it. and arent you supposed to do the profile stuff AFTER sysprep? i thought sysprep wiped all security and uniquness features from the system...

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  3. I generally don't trust any wizards unless I don't have any other choice. I like to do everything manually so I know exactly what is being changed. The wizard might work too but I have never used it. I guess I'm just to used to the win2k way of doing default profiles.
    I always do the Default Profile before doing the sysprep and I have never had a problem with it. The sysprep only changes the system's SID information. I don't know how you have your syspreps setup but I have mine setup so that the only thing I enter on each machine is the name, everything else is auto.
    Sysprep is basically just a MUCH faster/easier way of doing what the old ghstwalk program did.

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  4. im sorry, i may have mis-spoke when i used the term "wizard". there is an actual feature in xp called the transfer files and settings wizard. i think this is the way ms wants us to do this from now on. obviously i didnt have much luck. so, i have to go to each computer and set it up individually? then copy the profile over? one more thing... do you guys edit your logon screensavers? i edited ours for the librbary in the registry using the 3dtext one and the new screen saver starts up, but instead of saying "nda library" it says "microsoft windows". i changed it in the system32 folder and rt click to config. any ideas why the screen saver changes, but none of the text changes show up?

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  5. Whether you want to go to each machine or not will depend on how many machines you have to do. If it isn't to many then you can probably do it individually but if it is an entire lab like 20+ machines I would remake the image and reghost the lab.
    As for screen savers I'm afraid we haven't delt with those at all. We usually just left what ever was default and if any basic things had to be changed we would do it from the group policy on the server or change it before we ghost.
    Here is a link that might help you with your screensaver issue though:
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    It may require that you make a screensaver yourself but that can probably be done with free 3rd party software.

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  6. this might sound stupid, but i thought by adding "everyone" i was adding the everyone group which we take all users out of. so i typed the student global group. so i should type everyone and maybe thats what they need?

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  7. The everyone is just giving everyone rights to copy the default profile out of there for them to use. If they didn't have access to that file they would not get the default profile. So unless you have some specific people that you don't want to get the default profile when they log into those machines just leave it as everyone.

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  8. well, i did it today and in both rooms everything worked fince except the desktop pics didnt show up. just a blue desktop instead of the autumn foliage we chose and the 3dtext screensaver that i switched to the logon screensaver says "microsoft windows" instead of library. grrr.

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  9. That wallpaper thing might be due to a group policy setting on your server. Check to make sure it is set to allow a custom wallpaper for your users.
    Now that I think about it you might be able to do something with the screen savers from the group policy also. I had just set the starting times for them but there might be more advanced settings to actually specify a screen saver to use.

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  10. actually, i havent even setup group policies yet. i really want to, but dont know where to start and im kinda nervous id screw everything up.

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  11. Never touch the default group policy in active directory. Always make sub organizational units, move your users and computers into them (one for users, one for computers), and make group policies for them there. Just make an OU, right click on it, go to properties, go to group policy, do new, make a name for it, then do edit and have fun :)

    If something doesn't work right after messing with the group policy on an OU just delete that group plolicy. The users will automatically get group policy settings from the default one on the domain itself.

    You can have fun with OU's and policys. You can make OU's within OU's and have different rights for each level. You could put heavy restriction for students and have less restriction for teachers. We have students heavily locked down with our group policy for them, they can't do anything that would screw up the machine :)

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