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I downloaded WoW on my laptop and it made a huge virus. How Can i play World of Warcraft free online so i don't have to download it on my computer
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  1. where did you source WoW from ? blizzards webpage ? or a torrent/3rd party site?
  2. WoW does not make viruses.
  3. Wow is not and never will be free.
    If you got a supposedly free (non monthly payment) version im assuming you got one that connects to a private server.
    If thats the case then no suprise it was a virus.

    Buy it out a shop or online at blizzards website then sign up for the monthly payments after the initial 30days free.
  4. Idiocy is rampant.
  5. ^ What he said.
    From what I read, your saying you want it to be played as a browser game.
    Simple answer. No. Impossible. Too big. Not to be mean, but WoW isn't RuneScape. (Which i'd rather play besides WoW :D)
  6. WoW will never be free, from what it looks like plasmastorm is right you may have downloaded a private server which gave you the virus. I highly doubt that the real WoW client would have gave you a virus.
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