USB Headset with PS3? Will this one work?

I'm looking to get a nice headset for my PS3. I'd like to go the USB route, just because I am also a big PC gamer. Bluetooth would be nice, but the only ones I can find are either way too expensive, or only the single-ear type; on top of that, I'd need to buy an adapter to get it to work with my PC.

I stumbled across this:

They seems pretty nice, the reviews are pretty good. They seems like a pretty nice headset. However, I'm worried about whether or not they'll work with my PS3. Does anybody know if they will or not?

Alternatives would be...

Another USB:

If anybody else knows of some headsets in this price range that are better than the above listed (USB or Bluetooth) feel free to suggest them.


- Jesse

EDIT: Also, my friend is wondering the same thing for this headset:
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  1. Very, very few headsets work with the PS3. From what I've seen, headsets that use USB exclusivly for the mic tend to work (due mainly to no driver support), but for audio itself, you probably want to stick with the PS3's Optical output.

    I know that Tritton makes several compatable PS3 (and 360) headsets, mainly using Optical as its ouput for sound and USB for mic input. As a rule, if the headsets don't claim PS3 compatability, don't expect any.
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