Pokemon World 7.4 Legendary List

Okay, I would like to know what I'm missing. I know there are a few.

Groudon - Glowng Red Ball - Right Side Below Regie Area
Regies (rock ice steel) - ancient tablet - top middle to te right of lab is the tunnel. pick portal for each.
mew- mews toy- top right hand cave at dusk
mewtwo - mews dna - lab
articuno - icy feather - waterfall
Zapados - power supply - powerplant
moltres - flame of moltres - in shooting flames bottom right hand corner
Celebe - kill the two giant trees - grass area kill the trees it apears
heatran - flaming meteor (something like that) - cave below arcade
lugia - silver feather - through water cave
ho-oh - rainbow feather - enter burning house right side middle of map
giritinia - dymensional item - place below groudon
enti - flaming dog whistle - crater at top of fire region
raikou - tip of arrow in lightning area
suicune - wet dog whistle - oblistk in water region

I do not know what is in the temple to the bottom right.
the lake wth black spots below physics
what to do with the giant at the top right of map in hidden area
how to get kyouge
or how to even get to the muliple shimmering portals to the left in a hidden area.

(use cheat iseedeadpeole to see the land easier)

any input will be thanked
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  1. Maybe a Pokemon walkthrough would provide more help?
  2. addition to anonymous

    Arceus - tribute to the gods - below the south trainer shop the temple below the arc
  3. Okay..nice one , but i've found the whole thing how it works , and i'm gonna post it from the beginning...let's go..
    NOTE : To use all these items , left-click them on your inventory.

    With the artifacts of Kanto you can get :
    Power supply , for Zapdos..use the power supply near the power plant (windy area bottom left , in normal pokemon zone )
    Flame of Moltres , for Moltres (obviously) use the flame of moltres on the lava with the 4 fire columns , bottom right (near the end of fire pokemon zone)
    Icy feather : for Articuno , use the Icy Feather on the waterfall , top left of the map (near the end of the water pokemon zone )
    Mew's tory : for Mew , use Mew's Toy in the night on the top right of the map , where is a gate which opens only at dusk..go there at dusk and use it..
    Mew's Dna : for Mewtwo , use Mew's Dna at the top of the map , when you are close to the laboratory , mewtwo will come out...

    With the artifacts of Johto:
    Flaming dog whistle : for Entei (entei means flame emperor in japanese :P ) use the flaming dog whistle at the crater found at the top of the fire pokemon zone.
    Wet dog whistle : for Suicune (this is also japanese, don't know what it means though , something with water) use the wet dog whistle at the obelisk found in the middle of water pokemon area
    Charged dog whistle : for Raikou ( same goes for this :P) use the charged dog whistle at the tip of the arrow in the electric pokemon area..the arrow is found right above the end of the map , noot right nor left , in the middle..
    Silver feather : for lugia , go to the cave in the water pokemon area , reach the end , there's a different terrain , use it there.
    Shiny rainbow feather : for Ho-Oh (this one's really powerful) go to the flaming tower on the right , turn left at the 2 turns , move ahead a bit , you'll find 2 fire torches , use it between them..

    with the artifacts of Hoenn:
    Ancient Tablet : for Regirock , Registeel , Regiice . between the psychic pokemon area and the grass pokemon area , there is a cave entrance of 4 rocks..go in will find 3 circles of power..right is registeel , top is regirock , left is regiice choose a circle , step inside it and use the Ancient tablet...
    Red orb : for Groudon , on the right side of the map , below the grass pokemon area and above the fire pokemon area , there is a cave blocked by rocks..break the rocks go in , move forward and you will find some lava terrain..use the red orb there
    Blue orb : For Kyogre , this is the hardest one to get, below Lugia's cave , there is an entrance although it does not look like an entrance , just walk through the shallow waters and you will teleport somewhere else , there , go a bit far from the lever on the rocks , and left-click it . you will be transported across . next to another lever . then move will find a watery area , like a pond , use the blue orb go back , stand close to the lever and left-click it . you will be transported back where you came from..then just go back.
    Meteor Fragment : for Deoxys , go next to the power plant* in the windy area and use the meteor fragment , deoxys will come (*read how to get zapdos to find where the power plant is)

    With the artifacts of Sinnoh:
    Most times these artifacts will drop other artifacts of other regions , but when they don't , they drop the items needed for the rarest legendaries in the game.
    Strange Egg : for Manaphy , go to the pond with the black spots , above the north poke-ball shop , get in the pond , and use the strange egg . manaphy will come
    Dimensional distortion : for Giratina , go above the normal pokemon area and below the water pokemon area , there's a cave entrance. go in , don't enter the portal , head straight ahead and you will find a different terrain , use the Dimensional Disortion there .
    Glowing molten rock : for Heatran , go to the cave in the fire area , left of the place where you can find Moltres . enter the cave , go right , use the glowing molten rock on the lava there . Heatran will spawn .
    Shard of the New moon : for Darkrai , go bottom left , near to that tomb-like crypt (when you get close your pokemon will be put to sleep for awhile automatically , that's due to the presence of Darkrai..) get to the steps of that crypt and use Shard of the new moon . Darkrai will come .
    Tribute to the gods : for Arceus (which is considered the god and creator of all Pokemon world , in this version though , i don't believe it lives up to it's name..although it's pretty good.. )so , go to the big temple below the south poke-ball shop . enter the temple , go straight ahead , and you will find 6 or 7 portals the one next to the other . don't try to enter the portals , just stand infront of the middle one , and use the Tribute to the gods . Arceus will come...

    Now the two specials :
    Celebi and Regigigas
    Celebi : Destroy the two trees raging in the grass pokemon area , celebi will come ,it's a tough one , so be careful .
    Regigigas : Gather all 3 Regies (registeel , regiice , regirock ) and enter the cave found right of the waterfall in the water pokemon area . move ahead and you will find a big giant . the 3 regies will be turned into 1 , Regigigas . this guy is the best tank in the game , really something you can depend on to put first in the final battle .

    All credits for the map go to eMoo and his mates .
    All credits for this guide go to me , SpyrosG7 . (this is also my garena name , so add me if you wanna play any games together ; )
  4. 1. Thanks for that perfect list, it helped me a lot.

    But now, i have a question too:
    In Pokemon World 7.4 & 7.5, there is at bottom left, a room with some slot machines for legendary pokemons, items and tms. But my problem is: How to get there? I'm searching now for 2 hours but i dont get any result.
    Can someone help me?
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