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Well, I know its probably a stuid question, but I can't directly figure this one out. Do any of the latest Pentium motherboards (875?) have duel channel pc3200 (400mhz) ram capabilities?

I have about a 1000 bucks and I want to make a P4 system, I need to figure out what parts to get. I won't be overclocking and it wont be used for gaming (just surfing the net and watching movies, or using ms word) however this thing has got to boot up fast and has to access programs fast. So i got a 160gig 7200rpm 8mb cache hard driver (wd) and I have some twinx pc3200 corsair llpt ram to go along with it. What motherboard would accomidate this? I would like something with p4 ht 800mhz fsb, duel channel ram if possible. I won't need anything special like raid/sata/etc. But I will need a lan connector 100 or gig doesn't really matter. Can someone recommend a case, psu, mb, cpu, etc for this?


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  1. The 875 supports dual channel PC3200 (or faster versions, such as PC4000, handy for overclocking). The 865 is the same chipset on a different package, offering similar performance and dual channel operation (the package offers fewer pins, so that it doesn't support buffered RAM).

    A cheap, fast, high quality system could be built with your choice of 800 bus CPU, an Abit IS7, and two modules of Crucial PC3200. Inwin makes a nice (black) midpriced case with a high end power supply, it's an older model no longer listed on their website but can be found at Newegg.

    If you would like to overclock, I'd suggest a 2.6C and PC4000.

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  2. P4 2.4C $170 IS7 $106 PC3500 512 $123 you can check prices at New Egg.
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