Multi booting kills XP

Ok, I installed the following OSes in this order:


That worked. But then my 2k install got messed up and I had to do a repair install. This reset my boot config so that 2k was the most recent and default selection. Win2k and Me both startup fine, but when I try to boot into XP the screen just goes black and the PC looks idle.

Boot.ini looks correct. I think something with the boot files got messed up.

I have each OS on a separate partition on the same drive, where C is Me, D is 2k, and E is XP. Anyone know how to fix this?
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  1. Restart with the installation CD in a rom drive, set the cdrom drive as first boot and wait for the 1st option to repair, in there you will find an option after typing "help" at the command promt for fixboot (don't type quotes), anything you need to know about the listed commands just type the name with the switch /? after it and it will show you what options are available. But afaik fixboot should do it.
  2. Quote:
    But then my 2k install got messed up and I had to do a repair install.

    By doing this, you replaced XP bootloader (that compatible for any earlier version of Windows) with older and incompatible W2k bootloader.
    Boot your comp with <b><font color=red>XP</b></font color=red> CD as first boot. At the Setup screen, choose Repair (R). You will need to supply Administrator's password when prompt. Type "fixboot" (w/o quotation mark), and then "exit". Your comp will restart and it should fix your problem.

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  3. There was a time I had more then one OS, mainly because I preferred playing games on Win9x, but that became a pain rebooting all the time. I even mixed up the order of OS, just for the sake of doing so. The bottom line many times the boot config got screwed up and bringing down 1-2 OS and it seem I was always fixing it. IMO this is defiantly not the safest way to having stable OS. I suggest one OS and if you insist on more then one, to use separate hard drives. To each his own though.
  4. get rid of me

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  5. Yes, PLEASE, get rid of ME.

    There's nothing that ME will run better than XP or 2000. You'll also gain the benefit of being able to use NTFS rather than FAT32. If you insist on running Win 9x, run 98se... I still prefer it over ME.

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