Modern warfare 2 Crash is it my PSU?


For the pas day and a half I've been trying to get Modern Warfare 2 working.

I have a 100% legit copy bought and downloaded through Steam.

Late last night I was able to open the game and play trough the menus, but whenever I clicked "Play" the game would simply crash/shut off.

Today whenever I open it Single or Multilayer it just crashes, doesn't even open to the menu.

I can run games like COD4, COD5 Maxed out while containing a decent Frame Rate.

Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3.0GHz
ATI Radeon HD 4670
300 Watt PSU
Windows Vista

Any ideas what my problem could be? I meet all of the requirements, but I'm thinking it could be my Power Supply

Thank You!
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  1. Definately Your PSU, Your Graphics card needs atleast a 400Watt PSU or better. So get maybe a 550Watt for eve better gameplay.
  2. ive just had to replace my PSU for playing MW2. hadnt had issues with any other games, but since playing mw2 id been getting frequent power losses. i guess it asks too much from your video card.

    it seems you have a similar issue. upgrade your PSU and it should solve the problem. it did for me.
  3. I have a 500 Watt PSU scheduled to arrive tomorrow. That should fix it.
  4. I installed a 500 watt PSU, and it still does the same. Anyone have any suggestions?

  5. If the other games work fine then it is obvious it is not the PSU.... It might be a problem with the initial install... Have you tried deleting the game and reinstalling again?
  6. Hi , I have a problem too , the game was working perfectly ,but one day I opened the game and there was no save game . I start play it again and it's give me this msg ( Error insufficient free disk space)
  7. ''So get maybe a 550Watt for eve better gameplay'' wtf...
    Cmon guys.. rly? Just to point out its quallity not quantity , i have a crossfired 4670 running on a corsair 400cx.. all about the amps.

    anyways, like ovrclkr said if the other games run fine under load i doubt its a psu issue.

    Do the basic things check for new drivers etc, reinstall game also is that an agp version of the 4670? since, not sure about this i recall the agp running on slightly diff version then there pci-e brothers, i reckon your using the drivers from the cd that came with the card?
  8. ram-msi said:
    Hi , I have a problem too , the game was working perfectly ,but one day I opened the game and there was no save game . I start play it again and it's give me this msg ( Error insufficient free disk space)

    Have you checked the folder that contains the saved games data?
  9. hi, i started this game and all was fine until 10mins in i got a BSOD, the usual trick i try when i get a bsod is to change my ram around (stick with slowest timings must be in first slot for second to match). after this i continued to play but then i notice the game seems to slow to a crawl in certaint parts and sometimes crash if to slow, when i managed to get back to the desktop i opened task manager and memory usage was saying 2.4gb!! thats after end task to,. this game seems rarther troublesome as even when i heavy fights its floaty smooth yet a simple scene brings me to a halt?? anyone else getting this prob but me??

    oh also got a dx runtime error?? only game giving me grieff :cry:
  10. yeah, it has alot of issues. i get blue/black screens. crashes and all sorts.

    memopry useage is very high too. when im jsut in a menu waiting for a agame to start im at 60 percent mem useage (of 3.25gb).
  11. I'm having problems too, when running MW2.
    The first time the screen just turned all white and everything froze and I had to reboot the computer.

    Second time I got the blue screen and it rebooted.

    Dunno what is wrong :S
  12. Yea the game has it's issues, it needs a patch like yesterday and since Steam does this automatically there is no way around it...

    On the other hand, I have been playing countless hours of MW2 and have not had 1 issue in the last 2 weeks....
  13. Don't know what your issue is, but maybe my issue can help your issue.

    I had the same issue in Modern Warfare 2, but only on the very last level. The level where you fall down the waterfall. After that it'll load to the next scene, but before it gets there it will crash saying, "Insufficient memory" or something like that.

    The solution to my issue was to turn texture settings from "Extra high" to just high, medium or low.

    That worked for me, maybe it'll work for you.

    Here is my system specs.
    E5200 Dual Core 2.5gigs
    4gigs ddr2 667mhz memory
    GTX 260 sc216
    Thermaltake 600w psu
    Windows Vista 32bit(when the crash used to take place)
    Windows 7 64bit (haven't tried the game on this new os so I don't know if it'll crash the same spot.)
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