FS: Asus EAH6850 Direct CU video cards in crossfire...Updated

Both cards work great i am running 2 in crossfire and they have never given me any problems, reason i am selling is i am upgrading. I am asking $90 each or $180 for both shipped.

I accept paypal.

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  1. wow awesome price, shouldnt be long to sell. good luck with your sale.

  2. Bump still for sale...
  3. This has someones name written all over it! bump
  4. Well, hate to break it to you but, you can get an XFX 6850 with 2 game codes for $120 shipped or the same exact Asus card as you have (with Dirt code) for about $138 shipped (for those that are brand-picky). I advise you to lower your prices to be a little closer to the "used" side. I don't mean to be rude, but I really have no idea what you're talking about airdeano. Maybe you confused these with the 6870's? Because in that case, yes they're selling for around that price.

  5. Im open to offers guys the price is not firm soo if your interested lets here it.
  6. Guys please keep the banter out of my thread....POINT TAKEN.
  7. Couple interested parties but first come first serve....
  8. please answer my email xx12amanxx
  9. Only 1 left guys make an offer....
  10. Can you accept $80 shipped ??
  11. Yep just send payment and its yours...
  12. You have my email please contact me trough there.
  13. Ok guy's i still have 1 of these left! $85 shipped and its yours...
  14. Still got one left.
  15. Chek your PM :D
  16. Pm is empty???
  17. Strange...chek now:D
  18. Sold!
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