Hp dv6500 display driver for windows 7

my laptop screen goes blank suddenly..
and this happens whenever am using the video players..
laptop says the driver stopped working..
wat should i do now..
becoz of dis, i cnt evn play simple games like aoe and cs on my lapi
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  1. What's your exact model number?

    From checking HPs web site there are no Win 7 drivers for the dv6500, only go up to Vista. You can try to re-install those drivers, but you may be out of luck.

    Did you do a hardware compatability check before installing Windows 7?
  2. i own a hpdv6500
    s/n - CNF7353V1G
    p/n - GT946PA#ACJ

    and no i did not do a hardware compatibilty check, i also have nvidia Geforce 7150 630M..
    i got display drivers from nvidia, but they are the beta version..
    and my laptop is doing fine after i got them..
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