How do I get to my saved game to work after reinstall?

I had to reinstall Windows, but I wanted to keep my saved game on GTA IV. I saved the folder "C:\Users\Dano\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV" to a flash drive. I reloaded Windows, pasted the above file (16.9mb) into the new GTA IV folder, logged into Windows Live, but it doesn't load my games. When I start GTA, it just starts a new game. When I try to load a game from the Game tab in the options menu, it says that there are no saved games on this hard drive.

Does anyone know how I can get to my saved game?
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  1. Did you paste it into the exact same file path and foler as above?
  2. Yes, I even tried reinstalling Windows and the game. I have the file. I just can't get it to load. The folder is "user_e00001B3913fa0d9", and it contains 9 files that are labeled "GTAS4xx" and one DAT file called "ControlMap.dat". Does this sound like I've saved the correct files?
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