New Low Price V10 Hybrid TEC CPU Cooler Clearance Sale - $39.99 ONLY!!

New Low Price V10 Hybrid TEC CPU Cooler Clearance Sale - $39.99 ONLY!!

The CM Store is having a “cooler-days” sale. For one day only, you can get a refurbished V10 Hybrid TEC CPU Cooler – Refurbished for the low price of $39.99 and comes with a 90 day warranty. Get it now while supply lasts!

V10 Hybrid TEC CPU Cooler – Refurbished
[RR-B2P-UV10-GP (Refurb)]
Warranty 90 Days
MSRP: $139.99
Price: $39.99
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  1. Hmmm the price seems to be amazing but is it worth buying over lets say v8, I have few questions to help me decide

    1) I got Ripjaw ram they have heatsinks would it fit and if not is it possible to take heat sinks off?

    2) Im not a hardcore overclocker so im not sure how to properly raise voltages but this should give me space to experiment but will i ever unlock its full potential?

    3) My Phenom II 2.7ghz x6 runs pretty hot i feel like replacing a fan is a good idea, and ill replace the thermal paste while at it but there are cheaper and safer options should i stick with that monster?
  2. The ripjaw heatsink you are referring to, might be too big for this cpu cooler as you can tell from the picture that it takes up a lot of space from the back. I would recommend other coolers for your device.

    We do recommend our many other heatsinks. I've attached a link below, they all have good performance with good price.
  3. thanks for the quick response I decided to buy V6 GT but when i try to check out on the website I get following error.
    It is not possible to order from the store at this time.

    Contact the merchant for further information (error 1002).
  4. Still happening, that error popping up right after I choose to pay with a credit card it works fine with pay pal but i dont use it, already tried on 2 different browsers on 2 different computers
  5. Apologize for the inconvenience. The system for credit card only is currently down, you can purchase it by using credit card/pay pal. Please note that you do not need to sign up for a pay pal account, you can just use as guest.
  6. oh I didnt realize i could sign in as a guest, alright that ill try.
    thank you again
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