Selling Canon 50D, Asus Transformer Prime, Galaxy Nexus, Core i7 3960

Let me start off by saying that all of these items are adult owned.
They have been taken care of extremely well and will also be shipped via Usps priority.
NOT SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF UNITED STATES, or you will be paying for the customs and shipping.

This is an EOS 50D, it has seen around 13500 shutters.
Only around 8 months old, amazon invoice will be included.
Everything is included.
500 shipped - body only

Asus Transformer Prime - 32gb - with keyboard.
I'd prefer to keep the keyboard with it as I don't want to have to sell another item.
The prime is the metallic blue color and has no blemishes on it.
The prime was bought on an after Christimas sale

Selling for 450 shipped OBO.

This is an unlocked Samsung Galaxy
It has 32gb internal memory as well.

It is an insurance replacement and is brand new, besides being turned on to check function.
Box has a hole in it, but it doesn't affect anything.
Trying to get around 400 out of it.

Core i7 3960x - New
Not much to say about this one.
I haven't gotten around to building my computer and I'll just rebuy it once I do as it's loosing value every day.
Amazon Invoice will be included as well.
It was bought on release date for 1000 and some change.
Selling it for 750, which puts me below market.

Willing to chat with anyone on msn.
Prices are firm.
Payment system I will be using is Amazon Payments or Moneybookers.
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  1. These are priced to sell! Pm me with an offer if you must!
  2. From the "unlocked" on the Galaxy Nexus I'm guessing it's the GSM version. Is that correct, or is this the CDMA/LTE version?
  3. Yes, it is the GSM version.
  4. Don't do any business with this guy. I was never sent parts nor given a tracking number and he isn't responding. I'm getting my money back as we speak and looking for another computer to buy. =/
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