ABIT IC7-G vs. IS7-G

I am going to build a new computer. First time - confident with the parts, but not in advanced topics like OC and Memory CAS timing/etc. Probably will not screw with these things, just want it to work. Will do Audio mastering type work on a LAN at home and with band members. . Done a bunch of research, this is what I have so far on a wish list, want to see if there is any real difference for me between these 2 boards.

ABIT mobo
Intel P4 2.4 / 512 / socket 478 HT 800FSB northwood (what does northwood mean?
Corsair 512MB PC 3200 DDR 400 (2)
VGA Chaintech GeForce FX 5200 128MB DDR
Audigy 2 platinum EX
2 monitors, etc.

Does this list look logical? should these work together?
Should I get the 7-G or 7-C?

Thanks for your time
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  1. on the whole, the only real difference between the two is price. the performance difference is tiny at best, so you may as well go for the IS7 (865) as it'll be cheaper.

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  2. My Puter. P4 2.4C OC to 3.0. Abit IS7 HyperX PC3500 2x512.
  3. Mobo if you have the money 9800Pro is the best. Don't buy FX5200 see if you can find TI4200 128MB Or 9600Pro. is ready for DirectX 9.0
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