Should I replace the loud IC7 NB Fan with a zm-nb4

Heres a link to the product

I want to have a quiet system with a BIT of OCing room. My concern is that Abit felt the NB on the IC7 needed a rather high speed fan, where as this product is just a heatsink. No fan at all. Anyone have any experience with this?

If this is NOT a good idea does anyone know a good QUIET fan to replace the IC7 fan with? I hear Crystal Orbs are rather loud so I was hoping for something quieter then that.

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  1. Abit went to a quieter cooler a few weeks into production. Perhaps they would send you one?

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  2. thats not a bad idea, but to be honest I'm trying to lower noise as much as possible. If this fanless solution works well and allows for a little bit of OC room then its better then a fan. :)
  3. What Cpu do you have? How much do you want to OC?
  4. I have a P4 3ghz. I also have a ATI 9800pro so theres a fair bit of heat being put out. As for OC, I dunno, I've never really gotten into it. Maybe get it up to 3.2, although I hear ppl are taking there FSB's up to 1000 which must really fly! I wonder if those ppl have a heatsink and fan on it.

    Honestly, I wouldn't MIND a fan, I just want something QUIET! But, if you think that heatsink could handle some OC that'd be even better.

    Edit: I just realized I was trying to get both speed and quiet at the same time. I realized this when I took a look at the other stuff I'm looking at getting...

    I'm also planning on getting the CNPS7000A-Cu and the ZM80C-HP (Heatpipe) with the fan option. I'm also thinking of getting one of those fan controllers. So, unless that heatsink is godly it may not be right for me... Theres no tests on them from what I can tell so I dunno how it does. As an alternative, does anyone know of a good HSF for the IC7 that is also quiet? 20db or under. Zalman style quiet :)

    Damnit this OC [-peep-] is HARD :P
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