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Now i know this post has been posted atleast twice but i need some rock hard information for just me. i currently do play world of warcraft on a desktop that is about 5 years old but i need to get not only a new computer but a portable one. Im going to be going of to college next year and i never really sit home alot unless im playing of course. The point is i have been looking for some good gaming laptops. I have looked at a few asus and im not to tech savy so i decided tobpost this thread to see what a good laptop is for the game. My price range i would like to stay under 1000 but i will go to about 1200 the asus that i was looking at is currently on bestbuy for 999.99 like i said spec wise i don't know how good that is
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  1. Addic, would you mind listing the specs of that Asus laptop you've been looking at?
  2. Basically you'll want something with a good graphics chipset and just about everything else is icing on the cake. A decent processor would help. Good speakers would be a nice bonus unless you tend to use a headset a lot. Try to pick up something with 4GB of RAM and Windows 7 if you can.
  3. The specs for the Asus i have been looking at are intel core 2 duo processor p7450, 2 high preformance processing cores, 4gb ddr2 memory, 320gb serisl ata hard drive, Nvidia geforce gtx 260M graphics, i found another one that has all the same stuff also just no NIVIDIA thing, it has a intel graphics media accelerator 4500M. And has a 500gb serial ata hard drive. Which would be better?
  4. For games, the first one definetely. It should run WoW (and quite a few other games) without any prioblems I'd think.
  5. I currently use a 2.2 Core 2 duo mac book 4yrs old with the intel 945 chipset. I use windows 7 on it and it runs WOW perfectly the only place i have a little trouble with is Dalaran City. I guess what im trying to say is that if the chipset is higher then the 945 you will be just fine. Now i know Cataclysm is coming out next year. I do not know how graphically friendly its going to be.
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