Far Cry 2 graphical problems

Ok, so having spent a few days trying to resolve a conflict problem with my new graphics card and my motherboard i finaly got them to co-operate.

So now i could at last play FC2 as it had been sitting on my desk waiting for me. However....

i seem to be getting very low performance. if i turn AA to x2 and shadows to medium it just about runs at 1680x1050 res. but the shadows look REALLY blocky and some graphics and lighting flickers. Tunring off AA completely gives slightly better results. After running the FC2 benchmark with AA off i was getting on average only 27.3FPS! this seems very low.

I baught my new card (upgrade from radeon x1950xt) so that i could finally play some of the newer games like FC2 and crysis etc. But it seems like i can't! does this sound like a software issue, or is my hardware really not good enough to play FC2 with decent graphics?

My system:

ASROCK 4coreDual VSTA motherboard (bios update recieved directly from ASROCK to sove GPU issue)
Intel core2duo E4300 oc'd to 2.4ghz
OCZ 2GB DDR2 667MHz/PC2-5400 (single stick)
Huntkey 500w PSu
ATI radeon HD 4770 PCIe
SATA 80gb HDD (cant remeber the model)
Plenty of fans to keep temp down.
Samsung SyncMaster 2233BW 22" monitor
Windows XP sp3

also game updated to V1.03

any ideas?
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  1. also forgot to mention that I am using lates ATI drivers on CCC 9.11
  2. Your hardware (with the exception of your new GPU, obviously) could use an update, but it's not too "ancient". I'd suggest more RAM, but you're running XP which won't see more than about 3GB, so that wouldn't be a wise investment unless you upgade to 64-bit Vista or Win7.

    If you're looking for a relatively cheap, fast upgrade, you could drop a new processor into your socket, since the one you are using is quite old:

    An E8400 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115037
    or better yet a Q9550 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115041
    would show a noticable speed increase in all-around system performance.

    Keep in mind that the socket you are using is already at the end of it's life and there will be no future upgradability for it. If you've got the money, you'd be much better off visting the Homebuilt Systems forum and building a new computer from scratch (with the exception of your new GPU, again).
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    yeah the processor is a bit out of date, I guess maybe I was being a bit ambitious to want to run at close to highest settings!

    It’s funny though because my system is above the minimum and recommended requirements! I guess that’s just a case of wanting to sell the game to more people.

    Think I might wait a while and then update both the processor and motherboard together when I've got £100+ to spare.

    As for the game I guess I’ll just have to settle for lower settings. I spent a bit of time yesterday trying different combinations of settings, and have found one that looks alright. I dropped the screen resolution one setting and was able to use AAx2 with most settings on very high and high. So far the FPS has not dropped below playable levels during game (but I didn’t play for long or try the benchmark).

    Hopefully this will work out alright.
  4. Try upgrading to a intel e8500 processor,there only £150 now and a very good cpu for the buck......

    This will let you play your games on most high settings.....
  5. If you do decide to upgrade your cpu,dont forget to get the latest bios version for your mobo.
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