Nvidia 8400 GS?

Hey.. I have currently a Nvidia 6150 SE graphics card. Since i cannot find info anywhere, Is a 8400 GS a good upgrade? (It comes with this real cheap computer)

Edit: My intergraded graphics card gets maybe 20 FPS max in World in Conflict and 1 - 4 in really heavy areas, I was hoping the 8400 GS would make the framerate higher.
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    Yes, the 8400 GS will give a decent boost over the 6150 SE.
  2. dont expect too much though :S

    the 8400 isnt really designed for 3d gaming, more as a basic video card for htpcs or photo editing etc.

    while it can play most games well enough, dont get your hopes up.
  3. if u want cheap graphics card means,Buy 9500gt, It supports Directx10, and it can run all latest games in high or medium settings except crysis.
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