PS2 Slim wont play PS2 games.

Can anybody help? My PS2 Slim wont play PS2 games. It will only play PSone games. how can I fix this?
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  1. Well if you have tried everything my suggestion would be to get a replacement/ Where did you buy that PS2?
  2. I bought it at an auction, so I cant get a replacement. :cry:
  3. How much did you pay?

    You can also contact Sony and see if there are any troubleshooting methods to fix the issue....
  4. Should I call or send a service request?
  5. Thanks. Ill try that and tell you what they say.
  6. Ok cool =)
  7. I called them and they said it needs to come in for service. They said it will cost $56 dollars just yo look at it!!!
  8. i mean $45. sorry my mistake. :)
  9. I never had any luch with the ps2. When I got the original it wouldn't play any dvd's besides anime for some reason, and wouldn't play ps1 or blue ps2 disks. When I got the slim, after a little over a year it became choosey about which ps2 games it would play, and didn't want to play any dvd's. I find them to be relatively untrustworthy systems.

    In my experience I learned that a lot of problems with the slims stem from the lens being scratched or damaged. maybe you should have someone look at that, if they know what their doing anyway.
  10. Well I guess you guys got a bad unit, I have the first gen PS2 and the PS2 slim and they both work fine. As a matter of fact I have the slim on sale, JUST FYI....

    Hey zp, how much did yon pay for yours?
  11. I got it at an auction for $40. I had a Phat PS2 until I got mad cuz I kept losing and ummmmmmm... nevermind. :cry: It worked perfectly!!!! :bounce: I think I might buy a new eye for it from one of the sites below:
    PS2 Parts
  12. yea well for 40 bucks you can't complain.... not sure if changing the "eye" will workout for you, I have never had a Playstation not function correctly.....good luck on that =)
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