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Any Good MMO to play besides WoW

I recently stopped playing WoW. I had been playing since beta and got tired of playing it and was wondering, What is another good MMO to play? Ive downloaded the trial for LOTRO and it seems pretty good. I have tried WAR but didnt like it to well. I was also wondering if Age of Conan was any good, Ive heard it has gotten better since launch. Aion is another game ive heard pretty good things about. I would like to know what game you recommend and why you guys recommend it thanks.
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    I play LotrO and it's an excellent game. Definitely recommend. Plus it's cheaper than most at $27.99 per 3 months ($9.99 per month). I've also been itching to try Aion, but I've heard it's an excellent choice. For LotrO you'll experience it a lot better if you've read the books. It funny going somewhere where your like "Oh Frodo was here before!" :) Well in point, Aion, and LotrO. Also i haven't heard a lot about this one, but there's Fallen Earth too. I don't think many people play that one though. It 's post-apocalyptic. Think Fallout in MMO.
  2. Ive heard of fallen earth as well but don't know much about it. I have read all of the Lord of the rings books as well watched the movies so imma big Tolkien fan. It seems pretty good but people say it will get boring if you don't stay into the story but it seems ok so far through the trial version. Ive been itching to try Aion but no trial that I can find. A friend gave me a copy of Age of Conan to try, but I haven't installed it yet.
  3. You have to find someone you like, and play through 25+ levels. It gets better. I prefer Captain so far. I enjoy melee (I had a hunter, lost intrest for some reason. Now feel like going back lol) and while meleeing it's fun to be able to heal/buff :D
  4. I can't remember what i created to play I believe it was a captain but i'm still in the starting zones. I'm so used to playing WoW I find myself comparing other MMOS to it and critiquing it that way even though WoW isn't that great of a game. I like LOTRO so far I have bought Mines of Moria the complete edition which comes with the original game, which should arrive in the mail anytime this week. I wanna play Aion as well but my finances aren't that good. I also heard Aion does the payments different. They do it on the amount of time played. I think $8 gets you 120 hours playing time and when you don't play, it doesn't count against you.
  5. LOTRO is proabably the best alternative to wow right now.

    the only thing i can truly offer as advice though, is stay away from aion.

    it gets you hooked early on, and has alot of promise. but the game is so unfinished and content-less that after a certain point there is nothing left to do at all.
    so dont be tempted, right now the game is really bad, though im still ohping they add some end game content over the next few months.

    coming from wow, lotro is a pretty easy transition. so you should like it.
  6. ok thanks sounds good to me. I have read a lot about how after level 25 or so that it is pretty much a grindfest. It does however have the second highest subscription rate to WoW but if there is nothing good endgame then there is no use to go to it. How is LOTROS endgame?
  7. i never got to LOTRO endgame. id only started playing it (free trial, lol) when aion came out. but im planning on going back to LOTRO next year sometime, in the downtime after febuary releases. hopefully it will keep me busy til SW:TOR.

    but yeah, aion is exactly that. the first 27 levels are amazing. then its just grind. no instances, quests only make up about a 20th of total level XP. drop rates for group areas and instances is awful. theres bots everywhere.

    the game has potential, dont get me wrong. its classes are all fun to play and moslty well balanced (not entirely though). buit right now, theres not enough to make it worth paying a sub for.
  8. i gotcha and i am also looking forward to SW:TOR it is one of the games i am going to play when it comes out... do you have any idea when it will come out??
  9. i think it wont be til late next year, maybe not even til 2011.

    it all depends on how well this first beta goes i guess.
  10. The answer depends on what type of MMO games you like to play in general.

    Some fantasy/grindfest MMOs: LoTRo, Age of Conan, Darkfall, Voyage Century Online
    Some multiplayer fantasy games: Mount & Blade: Warband, Neverwinter Nights

    Some scifi MMOs: Face of Mankind, Fallen Earth, Huxley
    (Face of Mankind enters beta test two days from now!)

    Some scifi MMOs (space ships): Eve Online, Jumpgate Evolution, Galactic Command

    A tactical MMO (naval ships): Navyfield
  11. My favorite is City of Heroes/City of Villains. There's a lot of backstory both in the game, and in comic books you can download from their site.
    It's fun to run around and do the super-hero thing, but I've always been a comic book fan.
  12. A buddy of mine was raving about Aion a while back, and when his roommate saw it he ended a 1 year separation from crack (WoW).
  13. lol haha i would love to try aion but i hear it is a massive grindfest with no endgame. Morton, I like the fantasy MMOS that are similar to WoW. I tried Darkfall, it had a good premise but was lacking in the gameplay deparment. Kryten42, I'm not real big on comics so City of Heroes wouldn't really fit my style of games that I play. What about EQ2 or SWG? anyone have any good experiences with them
  14. SWG is awful, dont bother.

    EQ2 isnt so bad. but calling it an MMO is a bit of s tretch IMO.

    @serial sniper, yeah i did the exact same thing with aion. i was hooked for 2 months. once i got to level 40 that changed though. all i could do was grind mobs to level, and it took about 30 hours of consecutive grinding to get a level up.

    back on topic though, the new LOTRO expansion is out soon. so now could be a good time to get into it. i may pick it up myself to play in between xmas releases if they release a decent expansion/full game multipack.
  15. I miss my EQ1 days (7years played from beta) but it kind of ruined them all for me. They are just so easy and boring now, having played EQ2,Wow, Aion, Lotro and Eve since quitting EQ1. Perhaps I am just burned out on mmos, or waiting for the right one to grab me again (Star Trek perhaps? Yar)
  16. Try Cabal Online here:

    Its free to play and you can choose to pay-as-you-go premium account with gives you a little exrta!
  17. Yea I liked WoW but I would get tired of it and stop playing then play again and repeat that cycle over and over again. What is cabalonline about?
  18. CabalOnline is a 'quite' popular MMORPG.

    Here is a link for you to have a look at. This game is mainly about fighting and PvP but also has quests and mob hunting.
    Primary objective is to be powerful worrior in which ever 'class' of player you choose. Whether your an archer, blader, dual blader wizard etc.

    Check this out:

    and also look on youtube for some videos!
  19. I'm sorry but Cabalonline doesn't really interest me
  20. I have played Conan, Warhammer and Aion. I am now giving LotrO a spin. I really liked Wow but then at some point it seemed to become a bit too much for me. I have picked up my account again after a year but seem to have a hard time getting back into it. Wow is very content rich - probably much more so than anything else I have seen.

    Conan was a rip-off as it started. I bought it because of it suppoded spectacular DX10 looks (which were not in the game as they immediately pulled the DX10 engine). Game play after the first handful of levels (3which were extremely well done) was so bad, it felt like you were in a different game. Eventually I stopped playing because I had no interest that post lvl 20 game vs. the initial great start. I think players have never forgiven the company for that bait and switch.

    Warhammer is very nicely done, not quite as cartoonish and relatively rich in content. It relies quite a bit on a proper server population as the game favors collaboration. PvE is nicely done. Like Conan you cannot really say it is a WoW clone; it has the same elements, leveling, trade and crafting, etc. but has its own feel and character.

    Aion on the other hand is a complete WoW clone in most every respect (Yes, you can fight while you fly - as if that made a difference). The cloning goes so far as that the whole look and feel is almost identical. It seems as if whole landscapes were lifted. The sound track, IMHO, is pretty bad and reminiscent of samples slapped together with Acid (a piece of software). I could swear that the combat 'rock guitar' sound is straight from one of the Acid loops. Aion also has a decidedly Asian ambience. While the combat sounds and voices are of course supposed to be language independent, they sound like Pokemon to me.

    Aion seriously lacks content and is predicated on the idea that you like grinding. Leveling crafting involves standing in a room and essentially doing the same thing for however many hours you like. It has the worst crafting system of any game I have ever played. Gathering is similar - leveling is intentionally very slow (chances of gaining a level increase in gathering are very low). The game is overrun by gold sellers and, since there is hardly another way of leveling, bots. Now that NCSoft has gone through a round of bans and mods to the game to get a handle on those I am certain many players will leave due to the sheer lack of genuine content - something that has taken Wow (and I have played Wow almost since when it came out) a long, long, time. Personally, I do not enjoy quests like 'Obtain 25 shards of this and kill 30 mobs of that kind'. It's a rip-off to simply force you to spend time in the game. This is what Aion mostly does. As Wow grew it became more of a 'Steal this and then smuggle this and then discover that' - much more challenging and interesting than 'Grind a gazillion of these'.

    So as I am pondering my re-entry to Wow I am giving LotrO a whirl - I have heard a lot of good things about it. From my experience - if you liked Wow you really might like Warhammer. It's similar but not too similar, the content and game play much more interesting than Aion. Aion is occupational therapy at best.

    I shalll give fallen a try myself as well.
  21. I have played WAR and it pretty decent but I have heard that they are dropping a lot of servers and merging them. I also heard WAR is in trouble of going under. I would like to try Aion but after the first 40 levels it is just grindfest. WoW has been my stable since beta but everytime i stop playing for a while and go back i feel like it has gotten worse and it makes me wanna stop playing. My friend gave me a unopened copy of Conan and i'm going to start playing it and see how it goes. I heard that it has significantly improved since it came out. I also bought the complete edition of LOTRO: Mines of Moria which comes with original and intend to see how it goes. I can't really think of any more MMO's to play but maybe Darkfall or EQII. Darkfall has a very good premise i've played my uncles account a bit but the graphics and gameplay is shotty to me.
  22. WAR is definetly going under. alot of the guys i played AION with had coime directly from WAR, saying that the servers were hugely underpopulated. i dont think it has much time left.

    on the aion topic agian, it seems liek the devs are paying a ttention. theyve banned lots of RMTers and Botters, theyve upped XP rewards to reduce grinding a little and fixed lots of bugs. they seem to be trying hard. now i still think the game has far too little content, but i think next year it may really come into its own.

    the new LOTRO expansion looks brilliant though. im really liking the look of it. starting to think i might pick up the game to get my MMO fix while waiting for SWTOR...
  23. Is vangaurd still up? I am not sure I care enough to give it google hits, heh.
  24. How has no one metioned EVE Online yet?
  25. Final Fantasy XI is my MMO of choice. You should check it out.
  26. I'm playing Combat Arms a lot now. That could be my favorite. If not that, it would be Warrock. I just feel whether you buy, or download for free and pay warrock premium, it is well worth it.
  27. gamerk316 said:
    How has no one metioned EVE Online yet?

    Becase EVE online is for robots, and robots don't post on message boards.
  28. Age of Conan was raw in its glory for about a year after launch. No players ne more tho i re upped my acct and i wandered for hours before i saw 1 doode.
  29. ***' it, lets sell it'.

    nobody should buy that game, so the devs can learn a lesson that you can't short change people and expect them to support you.
  30. wow, toms completely cut off the first paragraph of my post...

    well, to put it into context. id ranted something along the lines of conan not having enough content. the quote is what the devs must have said after working on the first 20 levels.

    you get the idea.
  31. all of the good things from an MMO, none of the bad things. --------------> GUILD WARS.

    cheap (all expansions + original for about £20)... no subscription.

    best music in any game, ever... EPIC... i listen to the soundtrack on my ipod and get goosebumps every time.
    beautiful graphics and level design... makes world of warcraft look like teletubbies.
    best skill system in any game ever. genius, very very clever skills and counter-skills... perfect balance.

    the PVP is immense.

    in 10 years of playing pc games online, GUILD WARS was the most fun. at one point i was actually playing until 5-6am, then getting 1 hour sleep before going to work. had to catch up on sleep in the afternoon before peak time...

    the only drawback with GUILD WARS is that you need a friend to commit and play with you all the time. it gets boring pretty fast when you're alone.

    again... the PVP is insanely good. it feels as competitive as a RTS or FPS game... for an RPG this is simply an amazing feat. there are thousands of viable skill combo's, you can only leave town with 8 skills from a pool of 300-400. do you make yourself defensive but lack offensive skills? do you give yourself all-out offense but lack defense? etc... such rewarding strategic planning.

    in case you haven't picked it up yet. i really like guild wars. when i played the expansions earlier this year it really brought back memories of the good-times. what a game... you'll never want to play world of warcraft ever again. unless you like being grumpy and wasting time.
  32. Star Trek Online will be out in only 6-7 weeks. Also when I was reading up on it at GameStop it was talking about if you pre-order you will get access to the beta in January and be able to get a 2 day head start online (meh, only 2 days, back in the day when I did Earth & Beyond beta they gave us 2 weeks head start and a special decal for our ships).

    that made me lol. i cant belive funcom would stoop to that level.
    people will play the first twenty levels, get hooked and buy the game. then realise theres is nothing after level twenty worth playing.

    my god, they shoudl all be shot.
  34. yea i borrow my friends unopened copy of age of conan and so far i hate it the combat system sucks but idk ive tried guild wars and didnt really like it that well but maybe just didnt give it enought time and went back to WoW.. Ive been playing LOTRO and im pretty pleased with it so far albeit im only lvl 15 but the community is very nice way better than WoWs community of trolls
  35. My experience of mmo's?

    WoW was the first game I played that "just worked" coming fromt he world of SWG in its dark days it was a revelation. Playing for hours on end without a frustrating bug was a new experience, it was a fast smooth experience even on low end hardware. I found the quests a tad weak and uninvolving and ultimately didnt like the lack of non combat game play. I like some sandbox in my gaming.

    I think Lotro is the most polished Ive played, very well developed, really well written quests and plenty of nice touches there for Tolkien fans as opposed to film fans... Lotro scales fantastically with hardware, giving really very good graphics and working well even on modest systems, with plenty of whistles and bells to improve things for those with more modern systems! I would say its the best scaling game Ive played! Lotro "works" like wow, theres few daily bugs to deal with etc, but it has the support of Tolkiens lore well written quests and great graphics.

    Age of Conan, I was one of the mugs who pre ordered for the early access and the dx10 graphics, only to have dx 10 and the early access rugs pulled from under my feet at once. I got up to around level 30ish, and took a fair few characters through the intro island (which is fantastic). Unfortunately upon leaving the intro you're dumped into a pretty poor game, Ive been back for free retrials since dx10 was eventually added - and to be honest it didnt seem to add much. I also returned to find that due to server merges many of my toons names were reassigned to other players, despite my toons originating on the server that remained... Not exactly a good welcome back. Very Very poor opinion of the way they have treated players from launch onwards.

    About SWG, now SWG is a game with a LONG history, Its been through some REALLY dark times, and some of the worst butchery known to mmorpg'dom. However it HAS seen massive improvements since the dark days. Masses of regular new content etc. The game is about as unbroken as it ever has been, and I would say is as playable as it ever has been (being a launch era player). Dont get me wrong the game has baggage, but the newer dev team have done a sterling job of adding to the game, new systems, new ideas new content. I personally feel the game is as solid as it ever has been! Sure I miss the old skill tree's etc, but the new devs have brought in a huge amount since they gutted the game with the nge. SWG it should be noted is not really as much of a "whack a mole" combat game as Wow and Lotro, SWG has a far more indepth gameplay system where you can go for months not bothering to lift a blaster \ lightsabre. Theres the twitch space system, crafting, socialising etc etc. There is a solid combat side as well, but I think if all you want is to shoot and loot you will want to look elsewhere. SWG HAS that option but you're missing out on 2/3rds of the game if all you do is whack mobs. Its worth noting that theres a free trial, if you have a decent PC Starsider server is the one to choose, by far the biggest population. Some of the servers are real ghost downs - even after the server closures theres some real ghost towns out there... If starsider population causes too much lag look around for a happy medium, but for me a bustling server is a real positive.
  36. SWG NGE was one of the worst "Updates" in MMO's short history. Everquest Luclin and Gates of Discord expansions would be close seconds, heh.
  37. If you enjoy PvP, you will probably like WAR. It is definitely worth a try at the moment, as Mythic has finally gotten their asses in gear and has actually fixed a lot of the problems with the game (both balance and performance-wise).

    A well-coordinated group in that game is a lot of fun, and even pugging in PvP is pretty decent - at least for the first 3 tiers, in tier 4 you will want a semi-regular group.

    I have played CoH/V, Guild Wars, LotRO, Aion, Champions Online, Conan, and most of the other newer MMOs (excluding WoW), and WAR is the only one that has really hooked me. Being able to make a character and level from 1-40 entirely through pvp is just awesome.

    WAR does have population problems, which was exacerbated by bad decisions from Mythic for the first several months after launch (adding new content rather than addressing balance and other player concerns). Another reason that population is an issue is that you need a well populated server to get the most out of the mass pvp.

    PvE in WAR is not quite up to the standard of some other MMOs as it is not the main focus of the game, but there are still a fair amount of enjoyable encounters.
  38. LOTRO is by far the best MMO apart from the other Turbine alternative, DDO that just went free. I did beta for both, and have reduced rates for DDO premium and a lifetime sub on LOTRO. Both of their games are awesome and quite indepth, DDO allows for amazing character customization and cross-classing, where LOTRO gives better sound and graphics than WOW.
    WAR is heavier PvP, the other two have it but pvp isn't emphasized like this one.
  39. i dont knoe if OP has made up his mind yet, but if its any conselation ive just ordered LOTRO myself. totally given up on aion, and need something to hold me til SWTOR, so i figured id get it.
    last tiem i played it was on a trial, so didnt get far. hopefully it will work out.
  40. Another MMORPG you could try is The Mana World. It is a 100% free to play open source game. Not the most polished and is a top-down view old-school graphics type RPG but it works. It is a project still in the works but you can have fun playing it. Also comes in a portable flavor from You can even host your own server if you wanted for your guild from another game (but I'd just stick with the main server).

    The Mana World site.
  41. There is no MMORPG more ugly than Wow. I assume you never tried anything else :)
  42. WoW is ugly now and it was really my first MMORPG and idk its just so damn addicting even after I started this thread almost 2 years ago I still play but I have started playing LOTRO since it went free to play and Im impressed but still play WoW more. I have recently preordered SWTOR so I have big expectations for it.
  43. I am hoping that SWTOR is the WoW breaker.
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