anyone own a Biostar M7VIG PRO board

Hello, I'm planning on upgrading my daughter's computer with this board. She has a AMD Duron 700 mz now. I'm going to get a XP2400 cpu for the Biostar M7VIG Pro. Will this upgrade results be real obvious? I picked this board so I can use her 512 mb of pc133 ram now. We're on a tight budget. If needed, we can upgrade to DDR later.
My question is for anyone who has this board. Should I get the retail cpu with fan and heatsink included. Or should I get the oem cpu and get a optional fan.
If everyone says optional fan, which one. The picture i've seen of the m-board shows some black components real close to the cpu socket. I am not sure which one's will fit.
Thank you to all who respond. derf.
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  1. I sell these boards, and in fact, have 1 system with that particular board, in my shop.

    You should notice a world of difference between the 700 Duron and XP2400+. However, that's about as fast of a processor as you can fit on that board, unless you happen to find a 266 FSB XP2600+ processor, which are discontinued and very rare...

    As to the fan and heatsink, it would be a good idea to get the boxed version of the XP2400+, as it would provide you with a good, AMD certified fan...vice using your old one which may not cool good enough, or worse, may fail...

    Also, I do believe this board has a jumper you will need to set, to set your FSB to 133, instead of the 100 which it currently is at.

    As to the PC133, you will not get as good performance as you would with DDR, but it is not really worth the extra price to buy the 512 MB of replacement DDR ram (since you are on a budget), as this particular board only maxes out at PC2100 ram. Instead, you may wish to wait, and save that money for the ram you would use on your next motherboard upgrade.

    <font color=blue> Ok, so you have to put your "2 cents" in, but its value is only "A penny's worth". Who gets that extra penny? </font color=blue>
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