Cool LAN Games?

I was looking for some cool games to play on LAN... Any fun ones? I like coop and my favorite so far has been CODWaW. Any suggestions then please run em by me.
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  1. our lans usually consist of the following:

    HL2: DM
    Red faction: Guerilla

    and we usualy throw in a couple racing games or RTS game. C&C 3, or warcraft III, and some NFS shift or similar.

    sorry for all the acronyms btw, ask if you arent sure what im on about.

    i think thats a pretty good selection of games though. while we mostly focus on group based FPS, we find they are the best for lan games.
  2. Farcry 2 is pretty fun on a LAN. Also had alot of fun playing Hidden and Dangerous 2 on a LAN.
  3. I personally like COD4 since it's easy to play multiplayer and its pretty fun and the graphics aren't that bad, at school my science teacher is so ignorant that he does a power point presentation the whole powerpoint while my friends and I play COD4 with the wireless network I make and he doesn't realize it's like free time. So, I vote for COD4.
  4. l4d is best played at a lan
  5. playing any steam games at a LAN is a major hassle.

    HL2 games are old enough that there are reliable LAN cracks available, but we still have issues trying to play L4D.

    we played killing floor at the last one though, that was a pretty good substitute.
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