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I want to know where can I find a NEW Xbox 360 Controller wirless adapter for my PC. I have the controller already, but i need the adapter. Or receiver. Please help me find one.

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  1. Well the easiest thing for you to do would just buy the "plug and play" charger for the controller, which would allow you to plug in into your usb port and use it (once you download the driver). Otherwise, Amazon advertises the Wireless Controller Adapter for Windows for about $40. I seem to recall seeing one in the GameStop I work at, although it isn't listed on the website. Could be worth a shot.

    Honestly though I would pick a keyboard and mouse over analog sticks any day for PC gaming.
  2. yeahh you are right, i love the keyboard and mouse way more than the analog gamepad, but i wanted to try it for Crysis Warhead. I kinda wanted to try it out. SO i download the driver and connect by plug and play, cuz i tried that and i doesnt work.
  3. Oh sorry, my mistake there. Apparently the wired controller will work like that, but the "play and charge" cable only receives (one-way) signals from the computer. So yeah, like I said if GameStop doesn't sell the Wireless Receiver then you can always order one online for about $40.
  4. yeahh it seems that is the way its going to be, thanks anyways serialsniper14!!! You were very helpful!!!! thanks a million.
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