How Do I Save My Flash Game Progress Offline?

i know theirs a way to do it, but don't know exactly how. what i do know though is that your pc saves a 'cookie' to your harddrive from the game to mark your progress. where these cookies are stored, and how to organize them for offline use, i have no idea.
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  1. im sorry i was rude, rude content deleted. im just really frustrated, i really want this to work. ive tried so hard to figure this out myself.
  2. Well I know the answer but you're so damn rude that I'm not going to tell you.
  3. could somebody help me? please? im really sorry for my earlier rant :(
  4. wheres tom when you need him :lol:
  5. What you need to do is go on to internet explorer and play the flash game you want to save. Then, you need to go to the top GO TOOLS-Internet Options... Then go to the internet options part and click Settings then View Files that's all I know I haven't got the rest to work quite yet but the game saving cookie if one exists will be available there. Good Luck! Please post if you figure it out, I wanna know 2.
  6. Using chrome browser, then Get Flash plug-in.

    step by step
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