Call of Duty 2 error

I'm new here and do not know whether this is in good topix staat.Dus if not, just tell me plz.

Call of Duty 2 when I try to install them on Windows XP. I get an error. I also post below a picture of my error.
Can anyone help me?

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  1. Looks like when COD2 was installing itself, it missed a dll. Basically, the program is looking for information in that file, but the file isn't there. I've had some luck before checking where other dll's are, downloading a copy off the internet, and copying the file into the correct folder. Obviously, a virus scan first would be a good idea. I'm not sure, in this case, if the dll in question should be in Windows or the program itself.
  2. The missing DLL is for the Microsoft C run-time environment. I found this on Google
  3. Quake 3 engine in its glory lol.
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