Selling an ASUS ENGTX 275

Hello, I'm looking to get rid of my ASUS ENGTX 275, Here's all the info!

I'm looking for about 50-60$

It has never been overclocked, It's in great condition, It's pretty clean, and I still have the original packaging for it.

Serial No. : 95C0AI170375

Part No. : 90-C1CMW0-M0UAY00Z


Thank you for looking! Let me know what your offer is in a pm or a reply to this thread!
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  1. Hey, sorry about the double post but I just read the thread that says how to spot a scammer and it recommends putting a pic of your username and toms hardware near the here it is!

  2. I sent a PM
  3. Card is still available! 50$ for the card and you pay shipping!
  4. is the card still available? if so you wanted like $70 shipped right? thats with me paying shipping.
  5. Well, depends where your at for the shipping, shipping to cali its about 15$ shipping, but ya all depends where you are!
  6. what... you need money for d3 or something?
  7. Ya kind of... :P plus I don't need this card anymore I got a better one, so might as well sell it instead of scrap it :D
  8. Still available!
  9. Still available!
  10. No longer available! Sorry!
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