[SOLD!] 2x 6870

I just bought myself 2x 680s and have no need of the 6870s. Instead of posting on ebay first, I figured I would give the guys at Tom's first dibs.

One XFX DD 6870 P/N:HD-687A-ZDFC
One XFX Black Edition 6870 P/N:HD-687A-ZNBC

DD 6870 DOES have the 2nd Lifetime Warranty available still.
BE 6870 does NOT.

BE 6870: $105.00 with shipping (USA only)
DD 6870: $140.00 with shipping (USA only)

Both for $230.00 with shipping (USA only)

Available for pick if you live around the Beaufort SC area.

Paypal preferred. Other means are possible however.

BOTH are in near perfect condition. Neither have been Overclocked.

PM for more details!


6870 x2 meets or beats 7950 on most benchmarks at HALF the price! Defintely a 7870, $100.00 cheaper!

6870 BE

6870 DD 1

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