What's the point??? MW2

Been trying to play with a few friends but the servers are always full. So when I try to invite someone to the server I am in it automatically tells that person that the server is full. WELL OF COURSE SINCE THE NEW MATCHMAKING CRAP FILLS UP THE SERVER BEFORE YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO INVITE SOMEONE IN. Anyone have a trick on how to work around this issue cause I don't see the point of "inviting " anyone to the server if it aint gonna happen :pfff: :pfff: :pfff:
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  1. The game is not balanced for invites!
    There is no workaround - since InfinityWard handcuffed all the players and play Big Brother with IW-net.

    This game was designed for the X-box and ported to the PC-platform, don't expect any tweaking.
  2. yea, just sad at the fact that MW1 was near PERFECT and they had to do this to us... Makes no sense at all...
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    What you need to do is invite your friends BEFORE you choose a game type so they are all in your party. THEN the host selects the game type and you can all play together.
  4. thx!!!

    dam AV and IW!!!! lol
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