My other poll closed for no reason, a new which game is the best poll!

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Another POLL!!! the last one was a total failure and messed up game and probably is this one, I putted in Duke Nukem since I feel like people like that game so much even when it is in the 90's or something and I picked the atomic edition because it has better 3d graphics than the standard one. Yes, I know this poll has some weird games in it but I kinda had fun with some of them. :na:
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  1. wow a vote for CS:S
  2. plants vs zombieeeess!!!!!
  3. ALE
  4. COD 6.
  5. There are some pretty good games up there but really, can anything compare Duke Nukem 3D?
  6. It's good to see that nobody has voted for FC2.
  7. GTA4 is awesome...I feel it should have got more votes than anything else...beside MW2,Warhead n FC2 are also great
  8. randomizer said:
    It's good to see that nobody has voted for FC2.

    Just to annoy you... I'm gonna vote for it. :lol:
  9. Techdude00 said:
    plants vs zombieeeess!!!!!

    H-Man 00
  10. yuuo123 said:
    H-Man 00

    Tut-Man 00
  11. Techdude00 said:
    Tut-Man 00

    Alejandro Rafael Guariguata Arroyo
  12. yuuo123 said:
    Alejandro Rafael Guariguata Arroyo

    Yuu Osari Uchida
  13. Techdude00 said:
    Yuu Osari Uchida

    Bae Mateo Guariguata Jinju (CHUCKY)
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