Just a rant: looking for some moral support.

Hey folks,

Please tell me I'm not the only long-time gamer here who HATES when games require that the player 'achieve' things to 'unlock' certain gameplay features. I don't want to have to kill a hundred people with a headshot with a certain gun in order to be able to utilize a part of a game I've paid for. I want access too everything once the game's been installed. I don't need gimmicks in order to enjoy a game if it's been well designed. Let's take MW and MW2, for example. What kind of gamer is this type of game design catering to, exactly? I get no satisfaction from being able to finish these 'missions' or 'achievements' or whatever - all I get is frustration in being denied access to a part of a game I've paid for. If I wanted that type of 'gratification', I'd play WoW (no offense to WoWers out there, but I find that type of gaming lame). It's like some sort of reward for investing time in the game, when the reward SHOULD be being able to beat opponents who have all the tools you have. Where is the enjoyment in playing against opponents who don't have all the tools that you have? In L4D and L4D2, for example, the achievements have no bearing on gameplay. That's how these types of games should be. Again, I'm not trying to play some WoW-type game.

This is so pathetic. Please tell me I'm not living on an island of sanity, and that there are other out there who feel the same way.

Anyways cheers.
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  1. It's called replay value. Granted sometimes things can go too far (330 grubs achievement in Half Life 2 Episode 2 anyone?) but for the most part I like having unlockable content as it gives me a reason to go back and play the game again.

    True, a truly well thought-out and executed game doesn't need gimmicks to get players going back to it (Homeworld series for instance), but it's nice to have a reward.

    But I entirely agree that rewards shouldn't get in the way of the game - give me MORE stuff by completing the game, not unlocking the REST of it.
  2. I have a love-hate relationship with the unlockable rewards you speak of. I honestly enjoyed unlocking new guns and perks in MW, but at the same time I felt that I shouldn't be forced to "level-up" to unlock the same tools people were using to kill me with.

    You got to start out with a few decent guns, and even a couple of the "best-guns-in-the-game" which at least helped to alleviate the feeling that you were completely outclassed by the "veteran" players, but it still made you feel like a noob, only having a half-dozen weapons to choose from. I also hated the fact that you couldn't make custom classes from level 1; That just seemed stupid.

    What really bugged me was the fact that you had level-up to unlock achievements before you could even achieve them... For example, there's an achievement for killing someone by shooting their own claymore. I did that, but I didn't get credit for the achievement or subsequent bonus XP because I wasn't high enough level yet...

    WTF?!?!? It just doesn't make any sense that you have to be a certain level before you are qualified to get an achievement... I needed that friggin XP to level-up to unlock other crap! By the time you achieve most of the achievements, you'll already be level 55 which makes them pointless aside from nerdy bragging rights and your own personal satisfaction.

    I think there should be two different modes of play for games that want to have unlockable content like this; A mode where everything is unlocked from the get-go, and a mode where you have to "level-up" to unlock additional gear. Best of both worlds?
  3. Hey, I love the unlockable items, though I agree that if people want to unlock the items for single player without jumping through hoops, they should be offered a way to do so, like the cheat codes of old. (Cheat codes seem to have died off in recent years.)

    But I definitely preferred it in Team Fortress 2 when you had to earn the new toys. I'm useless at the game, and even I managed to unlock all of the new toys. I think it's great to be motivated to do something bizarre, like stun uber-charged enemies fifty times. It really helps you to practise with attacks you normally wouldn't experiment with.
  4. The unlock-able stuff is to make sure you play more lol. But I do agree with you, it is annoying.
  5. I don't know whether you guys are from the UK / Ireland, so you may not have heard of him, but Dara Ó Briain was on Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe agreeing with you completely. He was seriously annoyed that he pays fifty quid for Guitar Hero, and can't even play the tracks he was looking forward to playing because you have to master the boring rubbish first.

    So you're definitely not alone.

    But I still reckon that multiplayer unlockables should be earned. (Though, of course, that means they should never be too powerful otherwise newcomers have no chance of progressing.)
  6. As far as party games are concerned, (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Mario Party etc.) there's ABSOLUTELY NO REASON not to have every feature, character, map, etc. etc. etc. unlocked from the start. It's fine if they want to include a "campaign" or "career" mode where you go through and unlock everything, but I can't stand it when you have to unlock everything in singleplayer or by repeatedly playing, and you start off with next to nothing to do.

    Where's the fun in bringing out a party game when you and your mates are all drinking and then you can only play the boring songs, or the easy maps, or with the crappy vehicles, or only use half the characters; and yet nearly every one of these types of games is guilty of doing it!

    At the VERY least, there needs to be a quick easy cheat code to unlock everything, but even that is too much trouble since you have to look it up on the internet or try to remember it. Has anyone else ever had to remember and then successfully put in the code to unlock all songs in Guitar Hero when you've had a few too many? It isn't easy; had to pass the guitar around between 4 people before one of us finally got it.
  7. I agree. Campaign mode for those who want to lay down the systematic ownage, and instant action mode for those who just want to pick and choose their scenery.

    And I've not heard the term "party game" before, but that's a very good point. Ridiculous to advertise them as sociable games, but then code them so that you have to complete single player humourlessly to get to the popular parts of the game.
  8. It sounds like you are just a jealous noob that doesn't have the skillz to get 100 consecutive head shots like I can.

    No honestly though...I have noticed that COD unlocks are a little unbalanced if you exclude all of the jackholes with aim bots. You are sort of forced to play for unlocks in order to be competitive with all of the others with the top tier weapons. It is fun to get compensated for the time that you put into a game but when others have access to more powerful weapons...it gets a bit aggravating. Especially if you don't have the time to put in the 1000's of hours needed to get unlocks.

    BF2142 is really bad at that. All of the weapons starting out are complete crap and you lose just about every gun fight until you can unlock better ones. That is the life of a FPS though. Take it or leave it.
  9. Seeing as COD:MW2 doesn't even allow independent servers to be setup, surely they could run entry-level servers that new players are siphoned into (unless they choose to play with the big boys)?
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