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Just another question about the online community - I broke down and ordered this game online as well as a wireless XBOX 360 controller (for windows) because I am a huge fiend for fighting games. Although I'll find out soon enough, for those of you who own this game for PC, how's the online community? Are there lots of people playing? Is the competition of high-quality? I have a strong feeling that the vast majority of Street Fighter IV players are on the console... as fighting games are obviously dominated by the console. I wonder what the proportion of SF IV sales were with respect to console vs. PC? Since I haven't owned a console since the original NES, this is the only way I can satisfy my fighting game thirst with my PC. Peace.
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  1. Well, i can tell you that the community is full of very good players, and i do mean very good. Right now the "hardest" difficulty is like extremely easy for me and i still get owned in multiplayer some times.

    Everytime i go and search for a match theres always people that will play, it takes less than 1 minute before u start playing.

    The community? its good, but if someone owns you he will send a message trying to make you feel bad lol
  2. There is way u can exploit the online with fancy controllers and yadayadyada. No anti cheat system for it. Its fun tho dont get me wrong. I own the game personally and i get my ass handed to me about half the time. Fun to play though probley the best fighting game i have ever played. its fun to kick it back with some beers and play once in a while. Great game one of my current favs
  3. From what I've seen, the majority of online players are either Sagat players (because he's overpowered as all hell at the moment), or flowchart Ken players. Still, I've had some rather epic fights with people who can play Dan well, and both El Fuerte and Rufus are unpredictably fun to fight against.

    I'll go back to annoying people as Vega now. Also, the 360 controller is terrible for SFIV, the analog stick doesn't have the accuracy to be used effecitvely and the d-pad's 'meh' at best.
  4. What do you folks use to play the game with? Some other controller or that MadCatz joystick? I don't really feel like dropping nearly $200 just for an SFIV controller, although it does looks cool. Perhaps there are some non-brand-name alternatives out there for joysticks? I imagine that MadCatz simply buys the hardware from a general manufacturer and brands it (I'm speaking of the MadCazts joystick gamepad that sells for around $200 online).
  5. I also own this game and enjoy it, i'm not that great at it, but it's a very enjoyable experience, i also play it with the xbox 360 controller and it works fine, a friend of mine bought 2 of those sf4 arcade sticks which are kinda cool to use but hardly worth the money (unless of course you are going to get more out of it then just 1 game). The online community is very good, i've had a few battles and sometimes i like to just use random select, then i watch my opponent go right for either ken or sagat.
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