[WTB] Gaming Rig $800

Hey guys...

Looking for the best gaming computer I can get for ~$800 not including shipping. I'm looking to get it bought by May 15th, so I though I'd put up a thread if anyone is interested in selling their rig. If I get no interest, I'm just gonna build my own.

Some things I'm interested in but not required to have:
Intel i5-2500k /w good mobo
Radeon 6870
NZXT Phantom case

Again, not required but somewhat what I'm looking for


Must be able/willing to send to Hawaii
Must provide some references of some sort

Please PM me pictures, details, etc...
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  1. Bump

    Again, it doesn't need to have those specific parts or anything.

    And cheaper rigs are definitely welcome =]
  2. Drop me an e-mail at i have a rig thats better than what your asking that i will part with for 800
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