COD4 stuttering

hi guys,
ever since i updated cod4 to patch 1.7 and the latest punkuster ive been getting a horrible stutter every few seconds. I have the latest drivers and a fast internet. i usually play with around 50 ping.

heres my hardware
core i7 920
6gb ddr3
windows 7 premium
corsair tx850w

i play with all settings maxed out @ 1900x1080 res and it runs perfectly on single player... its just multiplayer that runs bad, and its fine on lan games.
any ideas?

Thanks, Greg.
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  1. Try other servers, perhaps? Try also resetting your router / modem; I know my house internet set-up can be a bit troublesome at times, but you don't always notice a problem until you try to game and you need the constant stream of traffic. Does your PC stutter on any other online games?
  2. it happens on every server i play on and the routers fine at other games,
    what do you mean by resetting it? turn it on and off???
  3. Yeah exactly that, though if it works fine with other games I don't somehow think that will fix it. Have you looked into port forwarding? Try Even if it doesn't help you with CoD stuttering, it may be of use to forward ports for other applications.
    Configuring them yourself in the router isn't too complicated a procedure.
  4. ive tried resetting the router, no luck. il try the port forwarding
  5. still nothing
  6. Try reinstalling both, making sure to reboot and clean up before you reinstall and update them.
  7. ok it try that
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