Power supply for Gigabyte motherboard

I bought a Gigabyte motherboard (GA-8ST800). Now my problem is that I can't tell if it’s broken or that the PSU isn't powerfully enough.

I have install the board in to a box attached the power supply, processor, processor fan, ram and attached the power switch. When I press the power switch the processor and power supply fan turn on but nothing else happens.

I have checked the
Processor (P4 1.6 GHz) and the processor is the correct one for the board.
Graphics card
Ram DDR 333 512MBs
And they all work.

My PSU is 300Watts

I rang Gigabyte tech support and they told me that my power supply should be 400 watts (they use 400watts for testing). There is no mention of it in the manual and the system administrator at work has never seen a 400watt PSU come a standard in a PC. Just if you’re wondering I have the 12 Volt connector connected to the motherboard.

I don’t get it. It works fine with my Dell motherboard. I got my PSU in Frys in the US.

When the motherboard is on should the LEDs light up (RAM LEDs or any other ones)?

My current DELL motherboard that I have admits beep noises when something is wrong and when power is supplied to the board a LEDs lights up. There’s even one that lights up when the PSU is off.

Is there anyway to know when the motherboard is dead/broken? Please help
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  1. Check for any cables installed backwards or wrong jumper settings, especially on the hardrive(s). 2 or 3 beeps usually indicate a memory problem. Try placing the board on the box it came in, and install just the cpu/heatsink, one stick of memory, and the video card, and see if it will post. The power switch lead must be connected correctly, or nothing will happen. The 300w power supply should be adequate to get your mobo to post.
  2. You've already seen a great suggestion: Try booting it outside it's case on cardboard to eliminate grounding issues. Other than that, I'd also remove all cards except video, disconnect all drives, and ask you what video card you're using.

    Now about that power supply, exactly WHAT dell did it work on? Because Dell used a proprietary power supply up until around the end of 2001 (I could be a little off on the date).

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