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I recently formatted all of my hard drive partitions and reinstalled a fresh Windows 7. Right when I log on for the first time, it starts updating my graphics drivers. The thing is, im using an Alienware, which is made by Dell, which means that the only drivers that are going to work are the ones that I download from the Dell Support Website, while windows update downloads the drivers from the manufacturers website. So I end up with a driver that isn't compatible, and when I try to uninstall it, it reverts back to the "Standard VGA Adapter" and then upon reboot attempts to install the driver again. And now that this update is out, I can't install the drivers from Dell anymore, which means im stuck with drivers that won't work. Is there any way I can fix this?

Edit: When I first got the computer, the dell drivers installed fine, and I have reformatted once or twice before, and they installed fine both times. But for some reason I am getting a blue screen now as well when trying to install them, just thought you might need to know that as well.
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  1. Remove the video adapter from Device Manager, reboot. When it asks you to install it, click Cancel.

    Install the drivers from Dell.
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